Trove Cannabis Highlighted In Bloomberg!

“Trove Cannabis, one of the Washington stores using POSaBIT… Trove became a POSaBIT customer…”

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Learn more about Bitcoin in the Cannabis industry!

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Cannabis Tinctures 101

What is a Cannabis Tincture?
Cannabis tinctures, also known as green or golden dragon, are alcohol-based cannabis extracts – essentially, infused alcohol. In fact, tinctures were the main form of cannabis medicine until the United States enacted cannabis prohibition. With a name like “green dragon,” you might think cannabis tinctures are not for the faint […]

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Recreational/Medical Merger Announcement

Hello everyone!

Here at Trove, we feel it’s important to address all our customers’ concerns and meet their needs, which is why we’re discussing the medical/recreational merger that took place on July 1st, and how that will affect your favorite store, Trove Cannabis.

First, we would like our customers to know that we have received our […]

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Budtender Pick of the Week: June 30th, 2016

This week:  Jack Diesel by LEEF was selected by Ashley, one of our shift managers!

Ashley says, “It’s super potent, has a nice bud structure, a nice heavy diesel taste, and a very smooth smoke!”

LEEF’s Jack Diesel is a hybrid of Jack Herer and NYC Diesel, with an uplifting sativa buzz that’s quickly become a […]

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Cascadia Gardens!

Hello everyone!

Today we’re discussing one of our favorite vendors, Cascadia Gardens! Established on the perfect date, April 20th, 2015, Cascadia Gardens has quickly become a stable of Bellingham and of Trove Cannabis!

When a group of friends already involved in the medical cannabis business learned that Washington was legalizing the recreational market, they decided to […]

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Budtender Pick of the Week, May 18th!

This week:  Baked Cookies by Mt. Baker Gardens was selected by Amy, our media and marketing manager!

Amy says, “We’ve only had this flower on our shelves for a short time, and it’s already one of my favorites.  It feels good, tastes great, and smells even better!”

Baked Cookies won “People’s Choice Best Flower” at the […]

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Budtender Pick of the Week: May 12, 2016!

This week:  Owner Yin and Manager Caroline pick Illuminations by Verdelux!

Caroline says, “Verdelux produces high quality infused edibles using only the best ingredients, and this is apparent in both the taste and the effectiveness of the edible. I choose the Illuminations when I want a faster acting edible (as a hard candy/lozenge style is absorbed […]

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Bud Tender Pick of the Week, May 1st!

This week:  Bud Tenders Kaitlyn and Alessandra pick OG Wreck by Sub-X!

Kaitlyn says, “OG Wreck has an amazing piney taste and smell, very relaxing high.” OG Wreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid flower testing between 17 and 26% THC!  This strain is known for a sour skunky aroma and delicious pine flavors, with a powerfully cerebral high.

This amazing flower […]

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Mount Baker Gardens!

Hello everyone!

Today we’re discussing a vendor recently introduced to our shelves that has become incredibly popular, Mount Baker Gardens!

Established in 2014, Mt. Baker Gardens is a local, Bellingham-based tier 3 grow operation with both indoor and sun-grown cannabis.  Their growers have more than 30 years of experience growing cannabis.

Early on, MBG made a name […]

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420 Specials Today!

Hello everyone!

We’ve got some amazing deals for you today, in celebration of cannabis’ biggest holiday, 4/20!  Stop into Trove today to check out these incredible specials.

$4.20 grams from SunLite:  White Rhino, Purple Arrow, and Jack White!

$4.20 edibles!  All our $5 edibles have been reduced in price!

$4.20 prerolls from Grow State One!

$14.20 half-grams of God’s Gift […]

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Bud Tender Pick of the Week: April 18th, 2016!

This week:  Bud Tender Kinyon picks Nightfire OG by Trail Blazin’ Productions!

Kinyon says, “Nightfire OG is a strong sativa that makes me feel excited, like a little kid.  Really enhances my mood and energy levels.”


Nightfire OG is a sativa flower testing at more than 27% THC!  Nightfire’s unique flavors have been described as a […]

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