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Deals, sales, new products, and so much more. Find out what’s happening at Trove Cannabis this week.

April 2020

20% off hand selected items! We are here to help everyone through these tough times, stay strong! New products from Phat Panda, Perecan, Stone Age, & MORE!
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March 2020

Today only, 20% off Eagle Trees products! New products from Svin, Eagle Trees, Oleum & MORE!
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Today only, 20% off all topicals! New products from Cascadia Gardens, SubX, Buddies, & More!
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Friday the 13th! 20% OFF staff picks, Sativa edition! New goodies from Green Revolution, Harmony Farms, M. Jane, and much MORE!
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Today Only! 20% Off All Olala Beverages & Mister Twister Infused Joints! New Products from Pioneer Nuggets, Green Island Growers, Cascadia Gardens, & MORE!
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February 2020

HUGE sale on all OUNCES!! 20% off all 28g flower on this 28th day of February! New from Mammoth Labs, Buddies, Peak Supply, & more!
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CLEARANCE SALE!! 20% off tons of select items so we can make room for new stuff next week! Also new goodies from Dank Czar, Phat Panda, High Five & MORE!
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Valentine’s Day
20% off Valentine’s Day specials, carefully picked by our staff! Plus tons of new stuff from Pagoda, SubX, Phat Panda, Oleum & more! We have something special just for you!
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Today Only! 20% off hand selected products from our staff! New products from Khush Kush, High Five Farms, Phat Panda & More!
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January 2020

Viva Sativa! Today only 20% off all sativa PRE-ROLLS! New Products From Clandestine, High Five Farms, Verdelux & More!
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Today Only! 20% off ALL Whatcom County brands including SubX, Clandestine, Khush Kush, Eagle Trees, FDG, Treedom, Verdelux, just to name a few! Lots of new goodies from Stone Age, Treehawk, Clandestine, and MORE! #supportlocal
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Today Only! Winter clearance SALE 20% off tons of great select products! New muli-strain collection of 5-pack pre-rolls from Saints! Also new goodies from Harmony, Boggy Boon, Leaf Chief, & more!
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Today Only! 20% OFF staff picks “Winter Blues” edition! Happy new year! New products from Sugarleaf, Phat Panda, Mortimer’s, and new glass!!
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Happy new year! Today only, 20% off ALL CBD products! New vendor Dank Czar and tons of new products!!
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December 2019

Today Only! 20% off ALL beverages and multi-pack pre-rolls! Don’t forget to check out some new tasty flower strains from Phat Panda and SubX!
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20% off hand selected products ALL DAY! Don’t forget to do your holiday shopping this weekend! Fresh restock from Fainting Goat, new Trove grinders, and much much more! Also, don’t forget to donate a toy at Trove Coffee for Toys for Tots by December 21!
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Today Only! 20% off hand selected products that are great for stocking stuffers! Also, don’t forget to donate a toy at Trove Coffee for Toys for Tots by December 21!
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Today Only! 30% OFF all topicals! Also tons of new stuff from Phat Panda, Dabstract, Wildflower, Khush Kush, Moxey, and much more!
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November 2019

BLACK FRIDAY SALE! 20% off OUNCES+ 1/2 ounces of FLOWER and multi-pack PRE-ROLLS! All glass is on sale too! New exciting treats from SubX, SubDivision, Phat Panda, Creekside, & much more!
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Today Only! 20% off select INFUSED PRE-ROLLS! Tons of new concentrates, flower, and pre-rolls in stock! New from Phat Panda, Hellavated, Ceres, Buddies, and much more!
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INCREDIBLE! We’re having a clearance sale to make room for something new and exciting! 20% – 30% off select products TODAY ONLY! New goodies from Lifted, Mortimer’s Old Fashioned Sodas, Leafchief, Tops, High Five Farms, Sugarleaf, and much more!
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Today Only! SALE on 3.5g marijuana flower hand picked by your favorite budtender! Tons of new goodies from SubX, SubDivision, Craft Elixirs, Heylo and much more!
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Prepare for November with our IN-DA DARK sale! Today only, all indica PRE-ROLLS are 20% off!! New products from Clandestine, Moxey, Mammoth Labs, and a ton of amazingly priced ounces of flower!
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October 2019

Toke’ or Treat! Today only 20% off all Verdelux edibles! New from Avitas, Lifted, Airo, Gabriel, & much more!
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Today only! 20% off all Eagle Trees flower & pre-rolls! Check out our new and amazing selection of OUNCES at UNBELIEVABLE prices! New from Soulshine, Khush Kush, Peak, Great Value, Raven, Willie’s Reserve & much more!
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Today only! Get 20% off our hand selected edibles! New from Phat Panda, Sticky Frog, Fainting Goat, & much more!
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Happy Croptober – big harvest for outdoor cannabis coming soon! 20% off all Fairwinds products, today only! New from Willie’s Reserve & much more!
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September 2019

Today only! Huge Fall Blowout Sale! Everything in store is 30% OFF!!!  We want to say THANK YOU to our amazing customers and friends. Stop by and we know you’ll FALL for TROVE just a little more!
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Today only! 20% off hand selected products from all of us at Trove! New products from Wildflower, Treehawk Farms, Green Island Growers, Olala, Verdelux, Fairwinds, Avitas & More!
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Friday the 13th… Phat Panda Vendor Day! 20% off Flav, Hot Sugar, Sticky Frog, Dabstract, & all Phat Panda flower & pre-rolls! New goodies from Airo, Boyd’s Natural, Harmony, Saints, & MORE!
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Today Only! High Rise Cannabis 20% off, come meet the vendor! Check out new goodies from Exotics, Oleum, Craft Elixirs, Sticky Frog, Perecan, Green Baker, & MORE!
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August 2019

Today Only! Khush Kush 20% off! Stop in & meet the people who make this beautiful product! Check out new goodies from Clandestine, Boggy Boon, SubX, Wam Oils, Moxey, Buddies, Svin Garden, Olala, Creekside Cannabis & MORE!
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Stop in and check out our clearance sale PLUS 20% off the entire store today from 5pm-7pm! New products from Lifted, Soulshine, Hellavated, Wildflower, Walden, & more!
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08/19/2019 thru 08/25/2019
Come join us for Happy Hour this week! Everything in store is 20% off from 5pm – 7pm every single day this week. Don’t miss out on this awesome sale!
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Friday Only! 20% Off Select Picks from your Favorite Budtenders! New products from Raven Grass, Mammoth Labs, Atomic Apple, Fainting Goat, Fairwinds, Sticky Frog, Khush Kush & More!
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Friday Only! 20% Off Svin Gardens + Meet the vendor! New product from Phat Panda, Saints, Amber Brick, Khush Kush, Smokiez, Eagle Trees, & MORE!
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Boggy Boon Vendor Day 20% Off – New products from SubX, High Rise Cannabis, Virginia Co., Craft Elixirs & more!
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July 2019

Green Island Vendor Day 20% Off – New products from Hellavated, Avitas, Green Revolution, Lemonnade, Exotikz, Harmony, Pioneer Nuggets, Phat Panda, Buddies, Heylo & more!
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Friday Budtender Picks, 20% Off Hand Selected Products! New from Green Revolution, Raven Grass, Perecan, Journeyman, Moxey Mints, Spot Chocolate, Verdelux, & much more!
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Friday 20% Off Khush Kush, NEW Products from Phat Panda, Pura Vida, Smokiez & More!
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Buddies Cartridges 20% Off – New products from Khush Kush, Phat Panda, Ceres, Verdelux, Botanica Seattle, and much more!
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June 2019

Eagle Trees Vendor Day 20% Off – New products from Stone Age, Svin, Verdelux, Oleum, Fairwinds, High Rise, Raven Grass, Avitas, Perecan, and much more!
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20% Off Wave Edibles – New products from Lemonnade, SubX, Khush Kush, Green Revolution and much more!
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20% Off Our Fave Products! New from SubX, Boggy Boon, Phat Panda & More! Celebrate Dads & Grads this weekend!
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Creekside Vendor Day 20% Off – New from Amber Brick, Wildflower, High Five, Eagle Trees, Stone Age, Olala & More!
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May 2019

5/26/19 thru 06/01/19
Week Long Happy Hour! Everything in store will be 20% off every day during our happy hour!

  • Wake ‘N Bake (8am-10am)
  • Night Owl (10pm-close)

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Pioneer Nuggets Vendor Day 20% Off, New Vendor Wave Edibles + New From Perecan, Khush Kush, Raven Grass, Oleum
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Spring Clearance Sale! New Products!
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Budtender Picks 20% Off Friday May 10! New from Treehawk, Avitas, Pioneer, Ceres, & More!
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Pura Vida Vendor Day 20% off, New Products from Green Revolution, SubX, and Cold Smoke
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April 2019

20% off NW Grown, New Edibles, New Flower from SubX
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HUGE 420 deals, Cartridges from Buddies, Lifted Concentrates, Flowers, and Pre-rolls.
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Treedom Vendor Friday, New Products, Electric Vehicle Charging Station
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20% off Budtender Picks, New Products from Fainting Goat, 420 is Coming
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