Celebrating the Hazy Holidaze Part 1

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Ready or not it’s here!

When you walk into your favorite dispensary, is it easy for you to select the weed product you want? If it is, it most likely means you are a seasoned buyer or you aren’t really investing much time into branching out to try new things. If selecting is difficult for you, you’re not alone. Not only are there different ways to consume cannabis, but there are also so many different strains represented for each product.

At Trove, we always encourage you to ask your budtender any questions that you might have. We also know that asking some questions publicly can be embarrassing or maybe you don’t even know where to start and you aren’t going to say, “so riddle me this budtender, what is weed?” To help your confidence and future success with weed, we’ve compiled a list of three important things that you should look for when buying weed for yourself or as a gift during the Hazy Holidaze.


Look for Deals

The Holidaze are the perfect time to stock up on your favorite cannabis products. Don’t think that just because a product is on sale that it means it isn’t good. Quite the opposite is true, especially during the Holidaze. Look for deals and you’ll find quality weed. (We have deals everyday!)


Look for the Grower

If you don’t already have them, it’s so important to find growers that you can trust. At Trove, you can be sure that all of our growers are selected based on quality and relationship. Try a few different growers and a variety of their products. Is the quality consistent? Does the price match the flavor?


Look Online

Do some research ahead of time! Our blog has a huge variety of resources or Leafly is also an excellent resource to find new strains. We also have our entire menu online so that you can take all the time you want to order. Once you order, it will be ready for safe and quick pick-up at Trove!


Stay Tuned!

Next week for Part 2, we will share with you the latest on which states that have legalized cannabis and what to expect if you are going home for the Holidaze!

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