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Did you know that we offer deals every day of the week? No matter when you visit TROVE, you’ll be able to save on certain products. Check out the daily offerings below for more details on which products are eligible for the discount!

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Take your pick of these limited time “fire deals”! 

$2.99/10mg edibles
$3/1g pre-rolls
$5/1g, $17/3.5g, $38/14g, $75/28g flower
$12/1g concentrates
$24 CCell vape cartridges


Everyday Specials

$3 edibles, $4 pre-rolls, and $5 grams


Munchie Monday

5% off OR buy $35 & get 20% off edibles


Tokin’ Tuesday

5% off OR buy $20 & get 20% off pre-rolls


Waxy Wednesday

5% off OR buy $40 & get 20% off concentrates


Bogo Thursday

buy 1/8 (3.5g) & get 1/8 (3.5g) for 20% off (equal or lesser value)


Vendor Friday

20% off select vendors


Happy Hour Saturday

20% off Wake N’ Bake hours (8am - 10am)
20% off Night Owl hours (10pm - close)


Piece-ful Sunday

20% off glass products (i.e. pipes, bongs, bubblers)

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Save big with our exclusive membership. Signing up is easy and you’ll earn points with each visit to use towards discounts on your orders.

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Off your 1st purchase when you sign-up
Off your entire order once you earn 500 points


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