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Today we’re discussing a true leader in the marijuana industry, Dàmà Cannabis Products!

From their website: “The word “Dàmà” comes from the oldest known Neolithic culture in China, the Yang-shao, and was their expression for cannabis. Today, Dàmà Cannabis Products stands as a leader of quality in the industry. With a premium line of dried flower, oil concentrate, vapor, and wax, Dàmà invites everyone from the novice to the most discerning connoisseur to discover a premium cannabis experience with a sophisticated line of products that deliver consistent purity and potency.”


Getting their start in the medical marijuana field, Dàmà made headlines when they put up a billboard advertising their products in Seattle, WA in 2014. Also flying a banner over CenturyLink Field at the opening of Seahawk football season and a 3000 square foot banner over Hempfest, Dàmà was the first company in Washington to freely advertise recreational marijuana in such a dramatically public way. “We want our marketing to reflect the confidence and trust that many in the medical community have come to know with Dàmà’s high quality cannabis products. Our goal is to build brand awareness and educate the market about safe, lab-tested cannabis,” Dax Colwell, co-founder of New Leaf Enterprises (Dàmà’s parent company), said in a statement.


Perhaps best known for their oils and concentrates, Dàmà uses locally grown and expertly prepared cannabis, and strive to uphold the rich heritage of the plant while diversifying it’s uses. Their process, from seed to oil, has seven stages.


Stage 1: Cloning. Experts hand-pick genetically identical cuts and clippings from mother plants, then incubate them carefully to make sure they sprout strong roots in Washington State soil.
Stage 2: Vegetative. Once the clippings take root and begin to grow, they’re transferred to large pots to achieve optimal size.
Stage 3: Flowering. The plants are carefully monitored and tended by expert horticulturists to make sure they receive the exact ratios of nutrients and light to grow big and healthy, and develop the proper amount of cannabinoids (THC and CBD).
Stage 4: Curing. Once in full bloom, the plants are harvested by hand, then hung and dried to the ideal moisture level, allowing perfect potency.
Stage 5: Trimming. Every bud is examined and trimmed by experts with years of experience, so that only the largest and finest flowers reach your pipe. Smaller flowers are separated to be used to make concentrates, so that nothing goes to waste.
Stage 6: Oil. After grinding it up, the flower is washed in safe, food-grade ethanol alcohol to extract the plant resin. CBD and THC strains are identified and separated into different hash oils, which are used to make their waxes, applicators, and vapor cartridges.
Stage 7: Packaging. The final step in the process, finished products are packaged and sealed as quickly as possible and shipped directly to stores like Trove Cannabis to ensure the freshness of the products. Dàmà’s premium dried flower is sealed in a nitrogen wash to protect it from drying out.


Dàmà’s mission is to “produce the safest, most effective, highest quality cannabis products on the market. We utilize cutting edge growing technologies in order to provide the best materials for our products and consistently batch test using Washington State certified cannabis laboratories.”


Dàmà is devoted to informing and educating customers about their specific strains. Each Dàmà product shows a batch number right on the label, and has a “Batch Testing” section on their website where you can enter in your purchase’s batch number and receive a full report on your plant’s particular THC and CBD values.

At Trove Cannabis, we’re proud to carry Dàmà’s oil, flower, vaporizer cartridges, and waxes!


Oil: Dàmà’s concentrates have won multiple awards, and are available at Trove in indica, sativa and CBD versions.

Vapor: Dàmà’s vapor cartridges are convenient, pre-filled and standardized. With a 5/10 universal thread pattern, they fit almost all vapor pens, and are both discreet and easy to use. They also have a non-carcinogenic uptake. Trove carries these delicious little cartridges in Black Cherry, Mocha, and Peppermint flavors, and even have a CBD version!

Wax: Dàmà’s full-melt, high-terpine wax is third-party tested for quality, purity, and safety. A favorite amongst Trove’s customers, we often sell out of this world-class concentrate! Currently available in the renowned “Granddaddy Purple” and “Sour Diesel” strains, Dàmà’s wax is sure to be intensely satisfying.


Flower: Trove Cannabis is also happy to carry Dàmà’s top shelf flower as well!

Dàmà’s indica flower strains, DJ Short Blueberry, Blue Afghani, and OG Kush are well-known in the Pacific Northwest, and all test at higher than 20% THC!

Dàmà’s sativa flower strains, Chernobyl, Chocolope, and Sour Diesel are also well known! They provide that intense sativa energy and euphoria, each testing at higher than 18% THC!

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When you purchase Dàmà products at Trove Cannabis, you know you’re purchasing the best. A leader in both the medical and recreational cannabis industries, Dàmà’s employees are still down to earth, fun, and truly dedicated to their goal of providing incredible cannabis to Washington State.

Trove is proud to partner with Dàmà to bring the highest quality flower and concentrates to our customers!

Want to learn more about Dàmà? They will be in our store on January 8th for our Friday Vendor Day! Stop in and introduce yourself, meet the members of their team, and learn all about this premier brand!

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