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Discreet Ways To Get High During The Holidays

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How is it Thanksgiving already? While the pandemic seems to have lasted 7 years, this year has flown by. We’re ready to relax for a few days, eat our weight in mashed potatoes, and hang out (safely!) with our favorite friends and family.

But, let’s get real for a second here. You only have so much patience to listen to Great Aunt Martha talk about her bunions or your sister’s new boyfriend spew conspiracy theories about river rocks. Moments like these you wish you could teleport yourself to the land where peace is mandatory, giggles are encouraged, and food tastes 1,000 times better.

But wait! You can! And discretely too!

Even though weed is legal and readily available in Washington state, you might still be apprehensive about telling your extended family that ganja is your spirit animal. We get it. Here are our tips to get the high you crave–discreetly–without anyone knowing.


This is probably the most no-brainer of the “discrete high”. Cannabis infused edibles come in a variety of forms and flavors and are so easy to hide in a pocket or backpack. Some of our favorites include:

Kush Kush MarshMellow Squares

Marsh-mellow Squares by Kush Kush

This 3 pack of rice krispy treat-esque squares have the perfect amount of THC at 10mg a piece and are so dang yummy you’ll want to eat the whole pack. But whoa buddy, we’re on a leisurely stroll, not in a race. Unless your tolerance is high, we recommend starting slowly and waiting a couple of hours to see if you really do want seconds.

Ceres Salted Caramel Balls

Salted Caramel Balls by Ceres

With 10 to a pack, and at 10mg of THC each, these powerful balls are the perfect amount for a long weekend and pack a punch. Want to control the type of trip you’re going on? These salted caramel balls come in indica or sativa strains. If you want to melt into the couch while watching the Macy’s day parade, go with indica. If you want to wow your cousins in a game of charades, go with sativa.


Vapes are way less aromatic and smoky than smoking flower out of a pipe, bong, or joint. In fact, many cartridges boast additional aromas like blueberry, lemon, and mango. Because vapes do create a plume of vapor, you’ll want to make sure to be outside when you take a toke. Offer to grab your parents mail or take the garbage out — you’ll be the hero on Thanksgiving all while inhaling that sweet sweet thc. Here are a few of our favorite vape cartridges:

Peak Supply Durban PoisonDurban Poison by Peak

A pure sativa originating from South Africa, this sweet smelling sativa gives an energetic and uplifting high. You’ll be so dang energetic you’ll be helping Dad make his favorite cornbread stuffing, setting the table, and having a meaningful conversation with Grandma all at the same time.

Northwen Lights Cartridge by BuddiesNorthern Lights by Buddies

A Maui Wowie cross that exhibits colorful buds, floral aromas, and moderate potency suitable for any time of the day. We just can’t get enough of this chillaxed strain that keeps you maintained and properly high.


Mobius THC Patch

Flyright, D9 THC Patch by Mobius

Unless you’re spending the holidays at a nudist retreat, patches are by far the most discrete method to consume cannabis. Providing hours long, or even a full-day long high, patches are a completely smoke-free option that steadily releases cannabinoids that are absorbed through your skin.

Ceres Bath Salt

Relax Bath Salt by Ceres

Bath salts might not give you that head high you’re accustomed to, but your body will be thanking you later. When the festivities are over, you’ve eaten way too much pumpkin pie, and you need to wind down, it’s bath time. Pure CO2 extracted indica dominant THC oil and soothing Lavender make this blend the perfect post-feast bath soak before bed so you can wake up feeling rested, refreshed, and ready for leftovers.

No matter how you consume cannabis this holiday season, always make sure to keep it out of the hands of youngsters. Also, if you’re traveling this year, do not cross state lines or country borders with cannabis in your possession —  support the local growers and retailers wherever you’re headed to stay legal and baked.

Happy holidays!





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