Gold Membership

Where to Begin?

Anyone who signs-up in-store at TROVE will earn 50 points + 20 points for each visit to the store after initially signing up. Signing up is fast, easy and only requires your phone number in-store!

  • Once you reach 500 points, you will become a Gold Member and enjoy 20% off that entire order.
  • Once you become a Gold Member, you get 5% off every purchase.
  • For every additional 250 points earned after, Gold Members will receive another 20% off that entire order!
  • Also, Gold Members have exclusive access to specials and events!

If you’re not a Gold Member yet, talk to your budtender about signing up today!

Not only do you get the discount, which ALSO applies to all sale and otherwise discounted items, you’ll have access to our Gold Member Only specials and events! Limited-supply items, early-access events, and more!

Visit us today!

Off your every purchase when you've become a Gold Member
Off your entire order each time you earn 250 more points


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