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Medical Cannabis at Trove

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By J.N. Paul | January 4, 2018

Hey Buds! Were you curious about getting your medical cannabis card? The good news is Trove
and our team of budtenders and certified medical consultants are trained to make your card, so you can
start getting your discounts today! (Hey, you deserve it!) Trove offers unique benefits including our Gold
Membership and tax free purchases for all medical patients. Trove also offers 20% off of all medical
purchases, for all clients, stackable with the membership discount and more!

“Trove and our team are trying our best to replicate quality medical cannabis knowledge as well
as friendly service and tons of discounts to help your wallet!”

On top of all that, getting your medical card will increase how much Cannabis you can have on
your person, how much you can grow, and the ability to buy up to three ounces of dry herb Cannabis; two
ounces more than the recreational limit. You can also purchase more concentrates and edibles on top of
bud, giving you the best possible stock of medical Cannabis products.

“You would want to buy Cannabis from your friends, so that’s how I train my staff. We’re not
just your budtenders, we are your friends.” Trove’s manager, having opened the store two years ago in
November 2015, knows Cannabis better than most. She was employed in medical Cannabis in
Washington and is currently a medical patient herself. When you walk in to Trove, you will be
immediately greeted and ushered to browse or ponder the variety of edibles, concentrates, and bud at your
own pace. If you’re in for your medical card, or have questions about the medical process, don’t be shy!
Ask for a medical consultant, and you’re likely to be directed to a budtender not too far away.

The only things you will need to make the card is your state-issued photo I.D. (your driver’s
license or passport card is perfect!) and the medical cannabis authorization form that your doctor signed
and dated, stating they recommend you use Cannabis for your qualifying medical condition. Trove’s team
will be able to use this information to authorize and print the card on site, for your convenience. It’s that

Oh, but make sure you’re camera ready! Your photograph will be taken by one of the consultants
in order to complete the card. Once the picture is taken, you are encouraged to browse the shop while we
print the card. Any of the staff is available to answer questions or begin your order while your card is
being made. Trove Coffee is a warm place to grab a beverage as well, so family is encouraged to tag
along and see the famous swings and admire the new festive additions to the shop.

Trove prides itself in the many medically relevant products they carry, as well as the knowledge
and experience with Cannabis provided directly from one personal experience to another. CBD oils,
topicals, and edibles are all available, and there are many options, varying from brownies and cookies
with THC and CBD, to hard candies, malt balls, capsules, and infused honey. If you’re curious, check it
out and ask a few questions, and the Trove team will be happy to help.

“We have a CBD stick that you rub on your skin that works almost instantly. There’s heated
lotions, massage oils and even infused bathing salts. You know, some people cannot smoke, or vape, or

maybe even eat solids, so we have suppositories, for those people that still need medical Cannabis. We
welcome everyone in Trove.”

It really is true; even if you’re four-legged, you might be offered a complimentary dog treat, and
as many free pets as they can spare. On special days, there may be a dog working with the Trove team to
greet and serve their clients. Customers are encouraged to bring their pets in to Trove, which has even
seen the occasional bearded dragon! Service animals are welcome inside the store as well!

“I have quite a few customers who use the Companion Tincture from Fairwinds for their furry
friends and I know of others who use Green Revolution CBD Tincture and a few of our other topicals and
edibles Trove keeps on the shelves. It’s fascinating to hear people share their experiences with Cannabis
and their fur babies.”

If you have questions about where to get medical cannabis products, how to get your medical
cannabis card, or any other medical or recreational Cannabis needs, the Trove team is always here to
help. Walking through our doors will get you quick and easy service. You are encouraged to ask questions
about our products, inform our staff of personal Cannabis experiences, and talk openly about the unique
benefits of cannabis and what medical Cannabis has to offer.

The best way to know what is up at Trove and what the specials are that day (because we
seriously have great deals daily) is to sign up for the newsletter and see what’s new first! You’re welcome
to stop by anytime between 8am and 11:45pm every day of the week and most holidays. If you would like
to call, an automated messaging system will help direct you as best as possible. Trove’s main goal is to
help our customers have the best experience with Cannabis that they possibly can, and to help guide them
along the way.



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