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Merry Dankmas & Happy Holi-Daze

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Can you believe it is already that time of year again? The days get shorter and the nights longer… Tis’ the season to be jolly or Tis’ the season to be stoned. Whether you are shopping for friends, family members, significant other or yourself, here at Trove Cannabis we have everything you need! From small, stocking stuffers to ‘wow-ing’ high end gifts, we have compiled a list of our favorites to help guide you in your holi-daze shopping!

Stocking Stuffers (Under $10):

Filter 420 – Joint Filters ($4.99)

These joint filters make for an extraordinary smoking experience. Increasing the flavor and decreasing the harsh smoke with each inhale.

Stash Jar ($2.50 – $9.99)

Stash jars are great for all cannabis lovers! They keep your flower fresh and safe!

Single Serving Edibles ($2.99 – $5.99)

Verdelux Illuminations Hard Candies are fast acting and come in several different flavors!

Verdelux Lush Gummies are easy to eat and split in half for people looking for less than a 10mg serving and they come in both THC and CBD!

Emerald Fields 1g Pre-Roll ($3)

This price for a full gram? How can you say no!

Mini Pipe or Chillum ($3.99 – $9.99)

We have a wide selection of colors and sizes!

Gift Basket Themes:

Shake Shake Shake, Roll Roll Roll (Total = $28-$35)

  • Trove Branded Rolling Papers $1.50
  • Trove Branded Lighter $1.50
  • Filter 420 Joint Tips $4.99
  • Shake or Trim ($20-$25)

Do you even Vape? (Total = $57)

  • Trove Pilot Battery $21
  • Avitas – Holiday Themed Cartridges $36
    • Sugar & Spice – A saucy blend of Strawberry Fields and Kimbo Kush
    • Glitter & Gold – A festive Blend of Dragon OG and MK Ultra
    • Everything Nice – A sweet swirl of Lemon Meringue and Cherry OG

Chocolate Connoisseur (Total = $98.95)

  • Craft Elixirs – Dank Chocolate Syrup $24.99
  • Green Baker – Triple Chocolate Fudge Cookie 3pk $17.99
  • Honu – Peanut Butter Cup 2pk $11.99
  • Spot – Dark Chocolate Sativa THC 10pk $35.99
  • Verdelux – Chocolate Carmelo Truffle $7.99

Waxy Wonderland – (Total = $99)

  • Svin – Lemon Cookie Sugar Wax $29
  • SubDivision – Orange Posion Sugar Wax $30
  • Khush Kush – White Grape Stomper Live Resin Icing $40

Holiday Specials (Total = $94.98 – $101.98)

  • Moxey Holiday CBD Peppermints (300mg) $53.99
  • Olala – Spiced Cranberry Soda $4.99/10mg or $11.99/50mg
  • Avitas – Sugar & Spice Cartridge $36

Party Package – (Total =$100.99)

  • Phat Panda – Golden Pineapple Mega Joint $48 /10g
  • Olala – Orange Cream Soda 250mg $29
  • Journeyman – Munchie Pack $23.99

Totally Topical – (Total = $101.97)

  • Wildflower CBD Cool Stick $59.99
  • Eagle Tree’s – Body Balm 100mg $23.99
  • Honu – Aloe Cucumber Body Lotion $17.99

Party Libations:

Olala Beverages (10mg, 50mg and 250mg; $4.99 – $29)

Lemon Lime Citrus Soda, Orange Cream Soda, Classic Cola, Pineapple Strawberry Sparkling Water and Cashy’s Honey CBD Terpene Tonic.

Happy Apple Cider – (10mg, 50mg and 100mg; $7.99-$29.99)

The happiest drink ever made with crisp and delicious local Washington apples!

Craft ElixirsDank Chocolate Syrup ($24.99)

Chocolate syrup made with Theo’s Chocolate! Great in coffee, milk or drizzled on ice cream or fruit.

High End Gifts:

Pax 3 $269.99

This is the world’s best vaporizer that is compatible with both loose leaf and concentrate material. This vaporizer provides a fast, smooth smoke and is compatible with the Pax Vapor App.

Mad Dabler Honey Sucker Heady $150

We have a wide array of efficient dab rigs available depending on what you’re looking for and how much you want to spend on the set up.

Diamond Glass 934 $160

Bongs provide a cooling factor to the smoke and allow for a less hot and smooth hit, perfect for anyone, we have multiple styles and sizes available.

Top Shelf Ounce $235 – $300

  • SubX – Whatcom County Grown
  • Boggy Boon – A Veteran Owned & Family Run Farm
  • Phat Panda – Popular Brand State Wide

The friendly budtenders at Trove Cannabis are always happy to help if you have any questions or if you need other gift ideas for that special someone. On Friday, December 21st we will be featuring several products that our budtenders have picked. Stop by to see what they selected and enjoy 20% off those items! If you want to avoid the holiday crowds, don’t forget about Trove’s Online Ordering option! We look forward to seeing you this holiday season. Be safe out there and we wish you nothing but the best of times! – Your Friends at Trove Cannabis



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