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Quick & Easy Cannabis Infusions!

By Moe Herbert | | Cannabis Info

Butter & Cooking oils:

Possibly the most versatile form of cannabis infusions include butter and cooking oils (Coconut oil, Olive oil, Canola oil, etc.). These infusions allow for a wide range of homemade creations – Baked goods, Salad dressings, Infused meals, & more! With only a few ingredients and tools required, the recipe links below offer great how-to guides for creating your own infused butters and oils!


Butter (Ingredients: 1lb of unsalted butter, 1-1.5 oz of quality cannabis bud or shake, water as needed, slow cooker or stove top, strainer/cheesecloth)

Cooking oils (Ingredients: 2 cups of cooking oil, 0.5-1 oz of quality cannabis bud or shake, stove top, strainer/cheesecloth)


Tinctures & Liquid-based edibles:

For users that desire a different route of ingestion, tinctures and liquid based edibles can be a favorable option. Tinctures often contain high amounts of THC/CBD in a small amount of liquid (high-proof alcohol, vegetable glycerin) giving the user less product to consume while still getting the desired effects. Tinctures do however take longer to infuse than butter and cooking oils (On average, 2 weeks – 1 year). Tinctures are another versatile form of cannabis consumption because you can consume it straight or infused other products. Juices, Craft cocktails, Ice cream,  Salad dressings, candy, & more! With the recipe link, ingredients below and a little bit of patience, you can create your own easy-to-make tinctures at home!


Tinctures (Ingredients: 1oz decarboxylated quality cannabis, high-proof alcohol or vegetable glycerin, strainer/cheesecloth)



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