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A terpene focused Q&A with Fairwinds

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Q: Fairwinds processing seems to be terpene focused. Can you share a little more about this process and how the terpenes are represented in the final products?

A:  In our ratio series product line, our premium CBD oils are not distillates, retaining the entourage of terpenes found in fresh cannabis flowers. Additionally, we distill terpenes found directly in cannabis and add them back into our vapor oils to further enhance the effect, performance & flavor. Why does Fairwinds fortify its products with Terpenes? Well, alongside cannabinoid potency, aroma & flavor, terpenes play a key role in the amazing effect and support cannabis provides. This synergy is known as the Entourage Effect. The Fairwinds in-house cultivated high-CBD Omrita flower is the foundation of products like our Ratio Series. By reintroducing a standardized terpene profile to our products, the effect is optimized & consistent across our product line.

Q: Which terpenes are represented in Fairwinds’ products?

A:  In our Deep Sleep tincture, we use Limonene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Pinene and Bisabolol. In our Ratio Series tinctures, we use Caryophyllene, α+ß-Pinene, Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene, & Nerolidol. For the Lifestyle product line, we utilize a blend of terpenes commonly found in Sativa (α+ß-Pinene, Limonene) and Indica (Myrcene, Linalool) strains. By providing a standardized terpene blend to the Lifestyle series, we truly optimize & amplify the desired effect in each serving while increasing the bioavailability of the cannabinoid blend.

Q: It’s evident that Fairwinds is helping to push the cannabis industry forward in positive ways. How do you hope to see terpene profiles being represented in the industry in the future?

A: At Fairwinds, our firm stance is that there is much more to cannabis than THC & CBD. While we have an adoration for the benefits of THC & CBD, we believe terpenes are the driving force behind the psychoactive high that THC produces. In other words, terpenes are SO much more than what the classification of “indica” or “sativa” implies. This antiquated classification of these amazing compounds is not the future of cannabis products and diminishes the perceived capability and capacity of terpenes and cannabis. Fairwinds is currently working with Universities, Scientists, and Doctors to develop a new, more accurate and more telling classification standard.

We believe the future of this industry is not the number on the back of the package, but the terpenoid content of each strain, and the unique therapeutic effect that strain has on the consumer’s mind & body.




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