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Terpinolene and Pinene

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Terpenes focused on lifting your mood and boosting your health

For the last of our terpene series, we are featuring Terpinolene (ter-pin-uh-leen) and Pinene (pie-neen.) The benefits of these terpenes are focused on boosting your mood and helping you enjoy life’s adventures! The absolute best thing about weed is its diversity. There isn’t just one type of high, one flavor, one smell, or one benefit that it gives you; it opens up so many possibilities for us to live a more adventurous life.

Our hope is that this terpene series has given you a sense of how diverse, beneficial, and enjoyable weed can be! This week, we are introducing this terpene set and in the coming weeks we will focus more on each terpene and its benefits.

TerpinoleneTerpinolene (ter-pin-uh-leen)

Profile: piney, floral, herbal

Also found in: nutmeg, cumin, lilacs

Benefits: uplifting effects

Strains: Jack Herer, Golden Pineapple, Orange Cookies


PinenePinene (pie-neen)

Profile: piney, woodsy

Also found in: basil, rosemary, pine needles

Benefits: pain relief, reduces inflammation, and helps with anxiety

Strains: Dutch Treat, Blue Dream, Grape Ape

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