Trove’s Holiday Gift Guide 2019

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It’s already the holiday season and what better gift can you give than some high-quality bud? Even if flower isn’t your go-to (or for the person you want to spoil this year), we have plenty of options to wrap up for every adult member of your family.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered!

Your Siblings and Cousins

You can never go wrong with pre-rolled joints, especially around the holidays. There are few greater pleasures in life than smoking together while reminiscing about growing up over the years. If the host isn’t a fan of weed, your sibling or cousin can just add the joints to their stash to enjoy later. But if you manage to find a quiet place to smoke, it’ll make for a great before- or after-dinner treat.
Some of our brands of choice are our Fainting Goat two-packs with at least 15 strains to choose from in case you can’t decide on that before/after food question. If you’d like a lighter variety of weed that won’t get you “too high” or paranoid around the relatives or the lucky person who got you for Secret Santa is a newbie smoker, Raven three-packs are the way to go.

Mom and Aunts

It’s no secret that plenty of moms have a sweet tooth. So treat your mom and aunts with edibles, whether they’re chocolates, mints, gummies, or anything in between. Honu Peanut Butter Cups are one of our best sellers and come in Sativa, Indica, and CBD varieties. If you’re looking for some fruity gummies, Journeyman Berry CBD Jellies (30:1) are an awesome choice, especially for those who aren’t especially used to high concentrations of THC. We also have a dozen varieties of Moxey Mints in plenty of strengths, ratios, and flavors. Our Budtenders can help you find just the right one depending on a person’s experience and tolerance.
If your family loves baking (see what we did there?), why not buy an ounce of our high-quality bud to turn into cannabutter to use in your favorite cookie recipes? Golden Pineapple is our suggestion for this task, not to mention it comes in a cool pineapple jar you can repurpose as a planter. Indeed, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Dad and Uncles

With all the stories of apple bongs and makeshift pipes from water bottles, sneaking off in the garage to smoke what they could back in the good ol’ days, help your dad and uncles write some new memories with better weed — though maybe they can teach you how, exactly, one repurposes an apple like that.

A few strains and brands we’ve noticed the dad-types seem to like range from Khush Kush’s Sticky Gorilla (formerly known as Gorilla Glue), Tops’ 9-Pound Hammer, or anything from Willie’s Reserve, the signature brand of Willie Nelson himself! Still, even an ounce of premium weed is sure to put a smile on Dad’s face.


With legalization finally a thing, maybe Grandma and Grandpa have always been curious about the devil’s lettuce but never had the chance to try it themselves. You can introduce them to cannabis with CBD tinctures and topicals. Eagle Trees’ Body Balm and Verdelux’s Salvation CBD (1:1) are both effective, locally sourced products they’ll enjoy. If they’d prefer a tincture, Green Revolution’s Relief Tincture is one of our best selling products for newbies to try.

If Dad learned how to whittle an apple bong from Grandpa, however, older folks seem pretty fond of OG strains like Acapulco Gold.

Everyone Else

No matter who you’re giving the gift of green, make sure to stuff those stockings with the essentials: lighters, rolling papers, chillums, blunt wraps, pre-rolled joints, 1g flowers, or single edibles and tonics are all great ideas!

Still can’t make a decision? Come on in and our Budtenders are happy to help you find the perfect gifts for the stoners near and dear to your heart this holiday season.



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