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Hello everyone!

Today we’re discussing Trove’s newest (and already one of our top-selling) edible vendors, Winterlife Cannabis!

Based in Seattle, Winterlife Cannabis is a processor that produces a variety of ready-to-consume edibles, honey oils, infused nuts, tinctures, caps, and prerolled cones. Fans of Winterlife at Trove Cannabis will know them best for their cookies!

Winterlife started their existence in the recreational marijuana market as a delivery service in July of 2014. They quickly became known for speed, professionalism, and the quirky fact that all their delivery drivers used animal-based pseudonyms, like “kingfisher” and “owl”.

When recreational storefronts began opening up in Seattle and elsewhere, Winterlife owner Evan Cox already had plans in place to transition to a processor of high-quality marijuana. People were already familiar with Winterlife packaging, and they had the connections to make the switch successfully.

At Trove Cannabis, we’re proud to partner with Winterlife Cannabis to bring you a variety of delicious premium marijuana products!

Continuing with the animal theme, Trove carries three tinctures from Winterlife: Polar Bear, Asian Elephant, and Flying Fox. Polar Bear is a peppermint tincture high in CBD and THC. Asian Elephant is a relaxing indica tincture with a fruity orange flavor. Flying Fox is an energetic sativa cinnamon tincture.

Winterlife’s Honey Oil comes packed with THC and CBD, with a subtly sweet flavor and aroma. Extracted from a variety of high-quality sativa strains, this yummy oil contains more than 25% THC and 42% CBD.

Winterlife makes three varieties of cannabis capsules. Buzzy, which contains guarana for daytime use, Cozy, which contains valerian for evening use, and their CBD caps, which contain Maca and a very high CBD content.

Last but certainly not least, Winterlife produces three flavors of amazing cannabis cookies! Peanut Butter, Strawberry Jam, and Chocolate Chip! Each contains 10mg of THC, and can be purchased individually or in packs of three.

Stop into Trove Cannabis today to give this incredible vendor a try! Whether it’s a cookie you’re craving, a capsule, oil, or tincture, you can’t go wrong with Winterlife!

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