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5 Crafts To Try While High

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Is cannabis influenced by art or is art influenced by cannabis? We think both are true. When you walk into our store, you are hit with the sights of one-of-a-kind glass pieces, beautifully illustrated packaging, and colorful labels throughout. We want to speak to the artist in you. The one that gives you an itch every once in a while to draw, paint, sketch, and shape. Throughout the month, we will be featuring creatively focused strains as well as artists around the world that use cannabis in their art or for inspiration.

They say there is no better time to DIY than when you’re high. (At least that’s what we say.) Save these 5 DIY projects for the next time you’re high and feeling crafty.

Pressed Leaf CoastersPressed Leaf Coasters

Do you have access to MJ leaves? All you’ll need are leaves and any other botanicals that you want to include, clay, and an oven! Check out this tutorial.

CD Rolling TrayCD Rolling Tray

You know those CDs and DVDs that you don’t use anymore? You can break them up (very therapeutic actually) and make a snazzy new rolling tray to impress all of your friends and yourself. Check out this tutorial.

Chronic CandleChronic Candle

It’s something you’ve been talking about doing forever so it’s time to just do it! Grab some bud, dried flowers, wax, a wick, and a vessel. Check out this tutorial.

Leaf Tie DyeLeaf Tie Dye

It’s time to go all out and rep your favorite flower. Invite your friends over and make a tie dye party! Check out this tutorial.

Lit LightersLit Lighters

Life is too short for boring lighters. Check out this tutorial to take it up a notch and really start living.



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