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Cannabis Strains To Promote Creativity

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Is cannabis influenced by art or is art influenced by cannabis? We think both are true. When you walk into our store, you are hit with the sights of one-of-a-kind glass pieces, beautifully illustrated packaging, and colorful labels throughout. We want to speak to the artist in you. The one that gives you an itch every once in a while to draw, paint, sketch, and shape. Throughout the month, we will be featuring creatively focused strains as well as artists around the world that use cannabis in their art or for inspiration.

Avitas - Limonada x Dragon OG Live Resin CartridgeAvitas – Limonada x Dragon OG Live Resin Cartridge

You’ll feel happiness run through your brain with reflecting euphoria and focus accompanied by an amplifying sense of energy. The top reported aromas of the Limonada X Dragon OG strain are citrus, spices, and earth.


Local Farmers - Prenup Pre-RollLocal Farmers – Prenup Pre-Roll

Users of this strain enjoy the balanced, uplifting high and euphoric head and body buzz from its sativa lineage.


M. Jane - Poochie Love Pre-Roll 4pkM. Jane – Poochie Love Pre-Roll 4pk

Primarily heady effects, leaving you with heavy eyes and a lifted sense of energy for hours on end.


Clandestine - Lemon OGClandestine – Lemon OG

This strain will make users feel sleepy and relaxed while simultaneously offering uplifting and creative moods.

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