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For Those Aches And Pains

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For The Not-So-Spring Chickens

For some of us, we are just starting to feel new aches and hear new sounds from our bodies. For all of us, it’s happening faster than we thought it would! We look to weed for relief. First things first, we strongly encourage you to visit your medical professional. Second things second, here are a few of our absolute favorite products that we’ve found success with and maybe you will too.

Juicy Joints - Super, Tiger's Blood Infused Pre-Roll
Juicy Joints – Super, Tiger’s Blood Infused Pre-Roll

Leafly Tiger’s Blood Strain Profile


Snickle Fritz - Romulan Live Resin Icing

Snickle Fritz – Romulan Live Resin Icing

This powerful pine scented indica is deeply sedating with a full body high that is dreamy and calm.

Leafly Romulan Strain Profile


Skagit Organics - 9# Hammer RSO
Skagit Organics – 9# Hammer RSO

Leafly 9lb Hammer Strain Profile


Raven - PG Sledge Pre-Roll 3pkRaven – PG Sledge Pre-Roll 3pk

Thai x Jamaican x Pre 98 Bubba Kush x Master Kush x Lemon Nepalese. Two hits and you can almost hear those wooden flute lines in the distance.

Leafly Master Kush Strain Profile



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