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A Spotlight on Terpinolene

By trovecannabis | | Cannabis Info, Education, Medical Marijuana

A terpene with a diverse flavor profile that is focused on boosting your mood!

You’ve probably experienced the benefits of Terpinolene (ter-pin-uh-lene), but didn’t know exactly what it was. This terpene is essential to the future of cannabis. Why? Because its benefits provide a clear headed and mood boosting high; two effects that people don’t often associate or experience with weed.

It’s also extremely diverse in its flavor profile: piney, fresh, floral and herbal. Diversity in flavor is an important factor when it comes to being accessible for those that may not particularly enjoy certain flavors. Because of its fresh aroma and antibacterial qualities, Terpinolene’s oils are often used as an additive to soaps and cleaning products!

Like many terpenes, the benefits of Terpinolene go far beyond just mood boosting. Research is showing additional benefits like reducing the risk of heart disease and even reducing the progression of certain cancer cells. This refers to not only the Terpinolene found in cannabis but also found in sage, rosemary, nutmeg, and cumin.

This week’s terpene challenge: If you’re interested in experiencing Terpinolene, we recommend trying these strains: Jack Herer, Golden Pineapple, and Orange Cookies. Remember that it is always a good idea to ask your budtender for further recommendations



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