Breaking Bones Down Like Swishers

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By Raven Rider | October 22, 2018

Raven Rider here. Doing absolutely no riding.

I’m laid up with a fractured axial head. Which is NOT a badass cyborg component, I looked it up. It’s just a bone in your arm. Fun fact: Bones are hard, harder than wood. This puts into perspective the violent impact required to break them and why karate dudes’ practice on wood boards instead of bone boards. Also, a board made of bone would be gross. If you’re anything like me, you’ve experienced your fair share of dings and bruises. Every now and then that bruise turns out to be a fracture, and you need to bust out your wolverine healing factor. Seeing as I am no mutant, I depend on the amazing powers of cannabis to help with dealing with the aches, sleeplessness, and to quell the general blues of being a little broken up.

Being a budtender here at Trove, I’m privileged to be surrounded by a wide array of marijuana products. I prefer to use CBD and THC as an alternative to opioids or other pain relief medications. It’s not to say that I’m expecting a full recovery in half the time, just looking to make my recovery time half as bearable. I need this process to be speedy, and stress free; as opening day is fast approaching. After seeing I’m all busted up, my manager thought I would thoroughly enjoy A.) Complaining to an audience B.) Letting said audience know what is working for me. Basically, I’m going to run you through a standard day in the life of me, Raven “broken wing” Rider, and the range of products I’ve been using to get by.

Since I’ve been managing chronic pain with cannabis for 5 years I’m starting to pin down the products that work for me. For the last two ski seasons, I’ve come to depend on the CBD Healing Stick from Wildflower. I recently tried Wildflowers CBD Lavender Soap, its calming aroma combined with the CBD creates an amazing product. The calm feeling I get from the lavender CBD soap is comparable to the feelings I get after rubbing essential oils on my temples; nothing too drastic… but it sure is pleasant. Also, I smell like a fresh bathed baby for half the day. In addition, I have been liberally applying the Healing Stick after using the soap… this is called the CBD double whammy. After 10 minutes, I can count on the sensational cooling effects to set in.

The moment I opted out of pain meds in that emergency care office, I knew I’d be purchasing CBD dabs. It was the day after the accident, I was in a lot of pain and wanted instant relief and a lot of it. The only problem was, I wanted to remain lucid throughout my day. I needed to avoid as much loopiness as possible. Thankfully, here at Trove Cannabis we had just what I needed. I was able to get my hands on some Dabstract AC/DC Sap (rare indeed, considering the superior quality). This stuff came in at over 60% CBD with almost no THC. This would be my choice in dab to be smoked at ANY time… The lack of THC makes it a focused, and attentive high, perfect for day time use. For me, it was incredibly useful for taking the edge off the pain of repairing bones. Whenever I need to step up the sedation levels for sleep, or am just looking for some recreational fun, I’ll grab my favorite dab oil and mix it in. Recently I’ve been in love with Khush Kush, and their connoisseur line blends. If we’re not sold out, I favor the “All Gas No Break”. This blend’s insanely dense terpene profile inundates the senses with a range of feelings, ranging from relaxation to a giddy bliss. All this wrapped in a saucy, easily scoop-able dab oil that is sure to WOW you.

There’s something for everyone in this industry. Having the means to search out strains based on flavors, or to pick from a trove of dab oil options, is a privilege to say the least. I used to get excited every day about new products in all the sectors… besides edibles. Per Washington state LCB regulations, the legal serving size is 10 milligrams. This is a safe way to ensure that literally ANYONE can enjoy a brownie. Which is important for not scaring away newbies to the THC game, or anyone looking to get back into it. Medicinal users or anyone who smokes very large quantities of weed on a regular basis will often find edibles to be underwhelming. At 10 milligrams a piece, I must eat a whole 10 pack to feel a tickle. So yeah, I hadn’t found an edible that could satisfy my needs… until now. Very recently we received a new version of an already phenomenal product from Olala, the 250 milligram sodas! With 250 milligrams of total cannabinoids, this micro brewed soda answers a stoner’s prayer. Containing 100 milligrams THC and 150 milligrams CBD, this baddy serves as my night cap. The available flavors are orange cream, classic cola, or lemon lime. It’s a liquid, so the effects hit quick: no 3 hour waiting games for me with this one. It should also be noted that this product is good for sharing and comes with a handy dosing-cup. Go slurp one!

Well folks, this is essentially a day in the life of me, Raven “Wounded Duck” Rider. If you come in to see us at Trove don’t be afraid to holler. Say hey! Ask what’s been working. Ask what doesn’t work. I’ll give you the lowdown and would love to talk shop with you. After this experience I am excited about the relief I found using CBD and THC. Who knows, relief could be as simple as wake up, bake up, rub down, and get going for anyone out there. All that’s required is an experimenter’s mindset and the time to figure out what works for your own personal needs. Once again, thank you for taking the time to read along.

Happy and safe riding this season!

– Raven Rider



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