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By Bunny Cabana | October 12, 2018

Did you know Trove is locally owned and operated?

Since we opened our doors in 2015 we have always strived to provide three things to Bellingham, WA: A great place to work, an exceptional selection of quality cannabis products and legendary customer service. Our beautiful interior design and layout has a boutique feel and we spent a lot of time crafting a unique brand for Trove Cannabis. These details often lead people to believe that we are a chain. While we often dream of having another location, the truth is, our Bellingham, WA store located on Samish Way is our one and only store. It was conceptualized and brought to life by people who grew up in the PNW, live in Bellingham, WA and graduated from Western Washington University. Sometimes these innovators are even called upon to lead discussions and give presentations for WWU business students. Now that’s what we call a local business!

At Trove we believe in serving our local community. We also believe that having quality, knowledgeable team members is the first step to doing this. That is why we take our time with the hiring process. We strive to ensure that the next addition to our staff not only jives with the in-house team but will also treat our customers with kindness and respect. We offer all our team members on the job training and carefully crafted coaching so that they can go on the floor and provide professional knowledge about the cannabis industry and represent our business’ values at the same time. We offer our team members benefits including access to a retirement fund, paid sick/vacation time and healthcare benefits. All of these things are the first steps to being an excellent local employer. No wonder we have such low employee turn-over!

After our amazing team members, the next most important thing is offering an exceptional selection of quality products. We believe our store is one of a kind in that we have the widest selection of any store in Bellingham, WA. We take our time bringing on new vendors and we seek out the expertise of our staff before adding new products to the line-up. Each and every one of our products are displayed alongside with key information that’s tailored to help make your shopping experience as easy and fun as possible. Our selection is always changing, and the industry is always changing. We are excited to continue to provide quality products that were born right here in the great state of Washington.

Finally, Trove is probably best known for our legendary customer service. By treating our team members with respect and offering a carefully curated product selection providing great customer service just comes naturally. It is our pleasure to assist our wonderful customers at our flagship location in Bellingham, WA and we look forward to many more years of service!

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