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Smoking Weed is Not Just for Twentysomethings: Volume 1 – Diary of  a Thirtysomething Yester Stoner

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Volume 1 – Diary of a Thirtysomething Yester Stoner

By Bunny Cabana | July 5, 2018

I used to be a huge stoner, keywords “used to be”. When I was younger I smoked all day, every day. Wake n’Bake, Lunch n’Bake, Break n’Bake, Off Work n’Bake, Netflix n’Bake, Dine n’Bake, Bedtime n’Bake, Midnight Snack n’Bake. You name an occasion and you’d find me loading a fatty or sparkin’ a doobie. Over the years I’ve taken a few breaks from smoking. Some of them long, some of them short. As time passed my breaks from smoking got longer and I found that my overall enjoyment of being high lessened. Sometimes, after a long break from smoking, I’d jump back on the wagon with the same fervor I had before, savoring the ritual of it all, smoking it up like I just turned 21. After a few bong rips I’d sit back, ready to enjoy the ride – and then my whole life would hit me square in the face. Anxiety bubbling to the surface, thoughts running through my mind, “why did I do/say that one thing, that one time, 5 years ago?”, “can other people hear me breathing?”, “stop thinking, stop thinking, stop thinking!”, “I don’t want to be high anymore!”. At first, I thought it was just an anomaly and that my next session would be business as usual. Boy was I wrong.

As I’ve grown older something has happened to my ability to toke it up all day. I hate being too high now; unless I’m drunk, but that’s a story for another time. That anxious feeling happens all too often when I smoke high THC flower, it doesn’t matter if it’s an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid. That feeling is almost part of my smoking profile now. Rather than fret and give up on my lifelong reefer passion I’ve decided to take a different approach and seek out strains and products that work for my body’s chemistry and my current state of mind. Trove Cannabis has got the hook-up on some great lower THC strains, CBD blends and other cannabis products, such as edibles. Now I’m a stoner of a different color! Here are a few products that I can’t live without…

Raven Grass – My Sunshine Blend Pre-Roll 3 Pack Pre-Rolls: This is a THC, CBD blend that is perfect for being a social stoner. The THC content is not too low, so the seasoned stoner will still get a buzz going but it’s not too high so a light weight can take a hit or two and not get too blazed. Since these little gems come in a 3 pack, they are great for sharing with friends at summer time gatherings.

Royal Tree Gardens – Aliens on Moonshine Flower: This is my holy grail of flower. It tests on the lower end for both THC and CBD but it really does the trick. The buzz is uplifting and clearheaded with soothing physical effects. This one is perfect for me when I feel like smoking several bowls but don’t want to get too high.

Raven Grass – Frida Flower: My friends and I LOVE this flower. If Aliens on Moonshine is my holy grail, then this is my pot of gold! The high is very relaxing but not too strong. This is the perfect weed for me when I just want to smoke a tiny bit right after work. It is also offered in pre-roll 3 packs!

Just Be.e Honey Sticks – Any Flavor in CBD: These little honey sticks are very nostalgic. They give me childhood flashbacks to visiting my grandparents in Eastern Washington. The CBD variety creates a very calming effect that relaxes my entire body. You can suck the honey straight out of the stick, or you can add this to tea or toast, to name a few. Trove Cannabis also offers them in THC variety!

Olala – Orange Cream Soda 10mg: The flavor of this soda is amazing! It is not weedy to my palette at all. My husband and I like to share a bottle of this, served over ice, on a warm afternoon. It gives me a mild buzz and is the perfect alternative to a cocktail. Olala has several different flavors including Cola and Lemon Lime Soda! It is also available in 50mg for the higher tolerance stoners in your life.



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