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By J.P. | June 20, 2018

As budtenders, we are frequently asked questions regarding cannabis and its delightful effects. Questions range from consumption methods to how to clean a bong and everywhere in between but, the queries we receive here at Trove are often the same. Although cannabis has been around for a long time, there seems to be an infinite amount of information to learn.  So, I’m here to answer the top 5 questions we are regularly asked.


  1. “What’s your special for the day?” OR “Are there any deals today?”

We have a different special every day and fire deals all day, every day!

Everyday Specials: $3 edibles, $4 pre-rolls, $5 grams

Munchie Monday: 5% off edibles OR buy $35 & receive 20% off.

Tokin’ Tuesday: 5% off pre-rolls OR buy $20 & receive 20% off.

Waxy Wednesday: 5% off concentrates, cartridges and wax OR buy $40 & get 20% off.

BOGO Thursday: Buy 1/8 (3.5g) & get 1/8 (3.5g) for 20% off. (equal or lesser value)

Vendor Friday: 20% off select vendors.

Happy Hour Saturday: 20% off Wake N’ Bake hours (8AM-10AM)

20% off Night Owl Hours (10PM-close)

Piece-ful Sunday: 20% off glass products


  1. “Are you cash only?”

No, we are not cash only. We accept VISA Debit Cards as payment with a $3.50 surcharge. We also have 2 ATM’s on site (surcharge $2.25), so if you don’t have cash on you when you arrive, no sweat.


  1. “What is CBD/What does it do?”

CBD = Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid aka this does not get you high. CBD can be found in both the hemp and the marijuana plant. The main difference between CBD derived from Hemp vs Marijuana is that CBD from hemp has a maximum of .3% THC and can be found in states without recreational marijuana. CBD derived from Marijuana can contain anywhere from 1%-30% THC and is known for its wide medicinal purposes. CBD from the marijuana plant is only found in states with legal medical or recreational marijuana. So, with that said, the CBD that we carry is derived from the marijuana plant and we carry a wide variety of CBD products. Although CBD is typically associated with medical marijuana, this does not mean that CBD cannot be useful for recreational users too! CBD can act as the antidote to THC, producing a well-balanced, smooth high for recreational users! Ask one of our knowledgeable budtenders about our CBD products next time you stop in.


  1. “Do you carry edibles?”

Yes, we carry several edibles. They range from 10mg servings to 1000mg packages. We have infused beverages, tinctures, chocolates, cookies, brownies, chewy candies, hard candies and many more options! If you are looking to consume edibles, it is important to be precautious when consuming because they affect everyone differently. Start low and slow and wait at least 2 hours before consuming more if you aren’t feeling it.


  1. “Does the coffee next door have weed in it?”

Trove Coffee is just regular coffee. It is illegal in Washington state to consume marijuana in the view of the public which prohibits the use of marijuana in a café/coffee shop.

Overall, we love answering all questions that customers have because we find joy in educating people on this wonderful product we all love so much! The recreational industry brings in cannabis connoisseurs, new cannabis smokers and people who are retrying cannabis for the first time in a while. It doesn’t matter what cannabis background you come from, never hesitate to ask questions when you’re in the shop. 😊



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