Butt Wait! Suppositories Offer More Ways to Consume Weed

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By J.N. Paul | June 14, 2018

When I say Marijuana has come a long way, I surely am not lying; at Trove Cannabis we have hundreds of products, from infused edibles to locally-grown bud, concentrates and prerolls, topicals and bags of trim; I could go on but I think you get the idea. A necessary and welcomed part of my job is researching, sampling, and getting very familiar with the different Cannabis products available to our clients, so when I was offered the chance to sample a Cannabis Suppository, I jumped at the opportunity.  Try not to giggle your whole way through this article, but if you do, I won’t blame you; I’ve had a fair share of chuckles throughout my research!

I would say the most fascinating information I learned was about the absorption rate of cannabinoids, which varies depending on the ingestion method you choose. According to one of the lead scientists on this research, Dr. Paula-Noel Macfie, processing the cannabinoids through the liver can mean that plenty of good parts of the Cannabis are lost during metabolism. This is partly due to the liver processing our good friend THC, into the psychoactive chemical that gives us our favorite strain’s buzz. But wait, there’s more: rectal absorption is the most effective method of ingesting Cannabis, as this bipasses the gastrointestinal tract and therefore introduces all those awesome Cannabinoids directly into the body. I told you this was fascinating! Here’s how Back Door Medicine put it:

“Smoked cannabis gives you approx. 15-20% of the cannabinoids, ingesting orally gives around approx. 25-30%, and rectally you receive approx. 75-80% of the medicinal properties, and without impairing cognitive judgement and thinking.”[1]

You might have caught that last part, mentioning the lack of a high associated with ingesting Cannabis in suppository form. Avoiding the liver allows the absorption of the beneficial cannabinoids like CBD and THC [2], without the liver metabolising those chemicals into their psychoactive counterparts. This is helpful to medical patients and any Cannabis users hoping to enjoy the many positives of the plant without the mind-altering components. This is great news for many people who need effective relief that Cannabis can offer, and also require the option of staying focused and unaltered.

The product Rectify from Fairwinds [3] was my first introduction to Cannabis-infused suppositories and I recommend it highly, to beginners and experienced users alike. Unlike some forms of ingesting Cannabis, you do not have to worry about consuming too much and experiencing any negative side effects that overstimulation from THC can cause. This means unaltered and clear-headed activities can be accomplished while still receiving the effects of cannabinoids like CBD and THC, as well as the terpenes that make each strain so deliciously different. I hope you think this is as cool as I do!

As a person who has suffered from menstrual discomfort, I found it incredibly helpful learning about Feminine Relief from Fairwinds [4]. Feminine Relief is a Cannabis suppository, designed to be used vaginally, and meant to aid issues that may be an unwelcome side effect of having a menstrual cycle. The ingredients were researched and picked specifically for the purpose of using the product vaginally, because pH balance is very important when using a suppository in this fashion. As for feedback on this, I was pleasantly surprised by the overall ease of use and comfort that the product gave me.

I am very excited when I get the chance to talk about Feminine Relief and Rectify with clients, as the topic can be scary for some, but I truly feel more people will benefit from these options if they are aware of them, and have an open environment to learn about them. I included several links at the bottom of this reading, and I truly hope you find yourself informed and as enthused as I am about this research! I extend the offer to anyone interested in these products to come on in to Trove Cannabis and have a chat with one of our Budtenders to learn more! If you’re shy at first about questions, the readings (link 5 for Zoe Wilder’s awesome intro to Cannabis suppositories!) should at least break the ice without any witnesses to the uncontrollable blushing and occasional giggle. Enjoy!



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