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By J.P. | March 9, 2018

The cannabis that we know today is packed full of different compounds called cannabinoids. Most people who have consumed cannabis have heard of  tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is a cannabinoid found in cannabis that when smoked, ingested or vaporized produces psychoactive effects known as getting high or stoned. On the other hand, CBD will not get you high or produce psychoactive effects like its friend THC, but it will provide ease to the mind and body. THC is most common among recreational shops and users and CBD has long been associated with medical cannabis because it does play a major role in that industry, BUT it has benefits for all users!!

Unfortunately, CBD is often misconceived by recreational users because why on earth would you want to smoke something that isn’t going to get you high when you want to get high? Seriously though, why would you, I get it. That’s the awesome thing about CBD that isn’t well known!!  It may not get you high on its own, but when paired with THC it influences the way that THC affects you. I like to think of it as a regulator, THC can sometimes be too much for certain situations, CBD can help eliminate/counteract the occasional unwanted feelings associated with THC.

Have you ever felt too high or experienced negative feelings from smoking THC? Had a mini panic attack or maybe even decided you hated smoking weed all together because of a bad experience? I’ve been smoking for quite a while and over those years, I have had a handful of negative experiences related to being ‘too high’. This is normal, everyone’s body is different and the way that everyone reacts to certain strains or cannabis extracts varies. That’s why finding the right strain and CBD:THC ratio for you is important.

How to Find Your Ratio?

CBD is currently used widely by medical patients. However, I am going to talk about the CBD highlights for recreational smokers. THC and CBD work amazing when paired together.

Decide how you want to consume the cannabis.

CBD products or CBD:THC blends are available at Trove in many forms, including edibles, topicals, pre-rolled joints, flower and concentrates.

Decide how high you want to get.

Some people enjoy cannabis and never experience the negative side effects that lead to people to feeling ‘too high’, while others find being ‘too high’ overwhelming and would prefer a less intoxicating high. Similarly, sometimes you want to feel a buzz but not be stoned out of your mind.

Find Your Ratio.

Products are available in many ratios, all of which have their own benefits. You could try a THC dominant strain, CBD dominant or a balanced blend, there is no superior way to consuming CBD and THC. It is important that per user you only consume the amount of THC or CBD that you’re comfortable with.

Here are some of my recommendations on products that we carry here at Trove.

Mild- Moderation: for the cannabis lover looking to get a very mild high.

Eagle Trees – ACDC (Sativa)

Treehawk Farms – Sour Tsunami (Sativa)

Wildflower – CBD Cooling stick or Heating stick (Topical)

Mr. Moxey’s – CBD Ginger, CBD Peppermint Mints (Edible)

Best of Both Worlds: for the cannabis lover looking to feel high but also wants to avoid negative side effects.

Raven Grass – Frida (Hybrid)

Fine Detail Greenway – CBD Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid)

Phat Panda – White Widow Pre-roll (Hybrid)

SPOT: 5:5 CBD:THC Chocolate  (Edible)

Mr. Moxey’s – CBD:THC 1:1 Peppermints (Edible)

High, how are you?:  for the cannabis lover looking to get stoned with a small dose of CBD.

Pioneer Nuggets – Acapulco Gold (Sativa)

Eagle Trees – Chunk Norris (Indica)

Amber Brick – Sour Tsunami RSO (Concentrate)

My go to CBD:THC blend is a personal blend that I swear by. I mix 1 gram of ACDC from Eagle Tree Farms, a high CBD strain with very low THC with the Hawaiian Dutch from SubX. This is my hangover cure; a true god send. I highly suggest making your own blend with your favorite strain if you’re looking to try a CBD product and nothing has caught your eye! If you have questions, need assistance or want to learn more about what products are out there that might benefit you, please stop by Trove and ask one of our awesome budtenders for some help. We love cannabis and everything it does and want to help educate others on the amazing effects that this plant carries.


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