Bud Tender Pick of the Week, May 1st!

By Amy W. | | Uncategorized

sub x og wreck

This week:  Bud Tenders Kaitlyn and Alessandra pick OG Wreck by Sub-X!

Kaitlyn says, “OG Wreck has an amazing piney taste and smell, very relaxing high.” OG Wreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid flower testing between 17 and 26% THC!  This strain is known for a sour skunky aroma and delicious pine flavors, with a powerfully cerebral high.

This amazing flower is priced at only $24 for 2 grams, $39 for 3.5 grams, $74 for 7 grams, or $144 for a half-ounce (14g)!



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