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Hello everyone!

Today we’re discussing a vendor recently introduced to our shelves that has become incredibly popular, Mount Baker Gardens!

Established in 2014, Mt. Baker Gardens is a local, Bellingham-based tier 3 grow operation with both indoor and sun-grown cannabis.  Their growers have more than 30 years of experience growing cannabis.

Early on, MBG made a name for themselves in the cannabis industry with their Baked Cookies strain, which won the 2014 Dope Cup Award for “People’s Choice – Best Flower”.

Ryan from Mt. Baker Gardens had this to say about this prestigious award:  “MBG’s biggest success as a company was winning People’s Choice – Best Flower.  Dope magazine judges picked the top 10 samples, and 500 people were given samples to look, smell, and most importantly, taste.  Having the people choose our Baked Cookie strain, that’s exclusive to Mt. Baker Gardens, was an honor.”

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MBG has a very unique and patented system for growing their cannabis, using vertical octagon cages they designed.  Each cage holds 150 square feet of plant canopy, and only requires 4000 watts of power.  Most indoor gardens require nearly 8000 watts for the same square footage.

MBG also captures moisture from the air and recycle their water to reuse for their plants, which shows that they’re doing their best to have the smallest carbon footprint possible as a tier 3 producer of cannabis.

Cultivators of a variety of unique and exclusive strains, MBG has plans to release several new strains this summer, and we cannot wait to try them!  For now, Trove Cannabis is proud to carry four of their premium flower varieties!

MBG jar and bud

Baked Cookies is a premium hybrid strain only available in limited quantities, with a superb taste and more than 25% THC!  Winner of the People’s Choice Award at the 2014 Dope Cup, you cannot go wrong with this amazing bud!

Black Cherry Cheesecake is a hybrid that’s as delicious as its namesake, with super pretty buds, a sweet cherry aroma, and more than 26% THC.  This sugary flower provides a relatively clear-headed high while leaving you with strong, sedating body sensations.

Hollywood OG Kush #2 boasts sweet, earthy flavors with a floral undertone.  A hybrid that’s fast acting and hard hitting, this potent little bud has more than 25% THC!

One of this writer’s personal favorites, MBG’s Alien Kush is a powerful indica that boasts nearly 30% THC!  With piney aromas and flavors with a subtle spiciness, this flower is reminiscent of black tea and provides a relaxing body buzz.

Mount Baker Gardens has rapidly become one of Trove Cannabis’s most popular vendors, and it’s easy to see why!  With premium, exclusive, award winning flower, decades of experience in the industry, and a desire to become Washington’s dominant cannabis producer while still protecting our beautiful environment, you cannot go wrong with Mount Baker Gardens.

Stop into Trove Cannabis today, and experience the difference with Mount Baker Gardens!



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