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Cannabis Treats For Halloween

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The time is upon us
The wait is gone.
A holiday approaches
Let’s load the bong.

With carved gourds
And Snickers aplenty
Let’s celebrate together
Like it’s the second 420.

We’ve selected some treats;
Like Flower and Carts.
For Halloween weekend
Be still our spooky hearts!

So put on your costume
And come to the place
Where WEED is the hero

We’d love to see you
At our cannabis buffet
In our rad little store
On Bellingham’s Samish Way.

We’ll see you soon
Whether you walked here or drove.
At Bham’s best Cannabis
You know it as Trove.


Perfect Treats for Halloween

Whether you’re hosting a haunted house or attending a ghoulish soiree, we’ve got the treats to keep the tricks to a minimum and the party elevated. Here are a few of our favorite Halloween goodies.

Juicy Joints Sour Apple Infused Pre RollJuicy Joints – Sour Apple Infused Pre-Roll

Not into communal bobbing for apples? We get it. A cauldron of other people’s spit sounds less than desirable to us too. A sour apple infused pre-roll from Juicy Joints is a much better (and less gross) option. It’s tart, crisp, and will remind you of sipping a cup of warm cider.


Khush Kush MarshmellowKhush Kush – Chocolate Covered MARSH-Mellow Squares

It’s time our Halloween treats got an upgrade. While chocolate coins and candy corn were once an acceptable Halloweed treat, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to suffer through those any longer. Enter in Khush Kush’s Chocolate Covered MARSH-Mellow Squares. It’s like a rice krispy treat – but for adults – covered in delectable chocolate, and infused with local bud. And not to worry, these treats come 3 to a pack. None of that “fun size” nonsense here. These are “funner size”, perfect for sharing or gorging.


Craft Elixirs – Dank Chocolate Syrup Sativa

We’re pretty confident that chocolate syrup goes well with anything. On apple slices, mixed with milk, drizzled on caramel popcorn, poured directly into mouth – the options are endless. Dank Chocolate Syrup by Craft Elixirs is the perfect accompaniment to any Halloween treat. Even those awful raisins that come in those tiny red boxes. With 24 servings in each 200ml bottle, you’ll have enough to share with all the ghouls and goblins in your life.


Tigers Blood Cannabis ShotLil Ray’s – Tiger’s Blood Lemonade CBD 1:1 Shot

It’s Halloween, of course we had to select a product with “blood” in its name. But do not fret, there’s no blood in these shots, just natural ingredients like fruit juice and cannabis. These shots might be small but they are MIGHTY and contain equal amounts of THC and CBD.

Dare we suggest bringing these to a party and offering them to of-age individuals by saying “do you vant to drink my bloooood?” It’s either a really good idea, or a bad one. We’ll leave that up to you to decide.


Ceres Garden Capsules Indica ChillCeres Garden – Capsules, Indica Chill

If you go hard this Halloween you’re going to need a day to recover. Ceres Garden Capsules will help you chill the day after and promote the relaxation that your body is in desperate need of. Order your favorite comfort food, stream your favorite Halloween movie, put your fluffy pillows and comforter on the couch, pop a capsule (or two, depending on the dosage you’re used to), and melt last night’s mistakes away.

As always, we recommend enjoying everything in moderation. Know your dosage limits and stick within them. Be kind to your body, hydrate, and keep all cannabis treats away from minors. (That last one is non negotiable.) And don’t forget to visit us on Halloween in your costume. Our Budtenders will be festive and ready to tell you about our specials and deals on this very spooky day.






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