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CBG, CBN, CBC Unmasked

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The Three Stooges 


Charlie’s Angels

The Three Musketeers

The Powerpuff Girls

What do all of those groups have in common? They’re all famous trios. Trios who gave us the giggles, made us head bang, and who fought evildoers. 

We’d like to add another trio to the mix, but they aren’t famous or have their own TikTok accounts. They don’t have a blue checkmark on any of the socials. In fact, it’s possible you’ve never heard of them before, but we’re about to change that.

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to some real heroes: CBG, CBN, and CBC. 

No, these aren’t the acronyms for random countries or TV channels you skip by on the regular. These are cannabinoids, the chemical compounds found in cannabis plants that are always overshadowed by their rockstar sibling, CBD

So, why should you care about these lesser-known cannabinoids? Pull up a seat, get your snackies ready, we’re about to explore the magical world of CBG, CBN, and CBC!

CBG: The Mother of Cannabinoids

Cannabigerol, also known as CBG, is the matriarch of cannabinoids. Seriously, without CBG, there would be no CBD, no THC, no nothing. Nada. What a desolate world that would be. 

CBG starts off as CBGA (the “A” stands for acidic). Once it undergoes a magical, yet completely scientific chemical reaction—ta-da!—you get CBD and THC. Yes, CBG is so generous it basically sacrifices its own existence to give birth to the compounds that steal all the limelight. 

What’s it Good For?

Research shows that CBG may have some therapeutic benefits. It’s been looked at for its potential as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and even a mood-lifter. So, next time you see CBG on a product label, tip your hat and give the momma cannabinoid some respect.

CBG Products

Ceres Garden - Topical, Body Bliss Roll On (2oz)

Ceres Garden – Topical, Body Bliss Roll On

Get that deep tissue massage feel with Ceres Garden’s body roll on that contains 20mg of CBG and CBN (more on that later). 

Eagle Trees - Dog's Gift (1g)

Eagle Trees – Dog’s Gift Flower

This flower packs a powerful punch with its strong mix of THC and CBG. Its effects bring a wonderful energetic, bright, and uplifting hybrid feel. 

Soulshine - CBG Wax (1g)

Soulshine – CBG Wax

The latest and greatest from Soulshine, this dabbable extract is packed with a whopping 50:1 CBG:THC ratio! 

CBN: The Sleepy One in the Corner

Let’s move to CBN, the cannabinoid that comes with flannel pajamas, a warm blankie, and a lullaby. CBN, or cannabinol, is the stuff you want when you’re counting sheep, staring at the ceiling, or contemplating the universe at 3 a.m. 

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

If you’re having trouble falling asleep, CBN might just be your bedtime buddy. It’s like the Sandman of cannabinoids. But don’t expect a trip to dreamland instantly. It’s not a knock-out punch; more like a gentle nudge into the arms of Mr. Sandman who guides you to a more restful night’s sleep. 

CBN Products

Binske - Blackberry Lemon Soft Lozenges

Binske – Soft Lozenges

These vegan and gluten free gummies are made with only the best natural ingredients and infused with Binske’s premium THC. The taste and texture are exquisite and the high from the THC and CBN help create a euphoric daze that whisks you away to another dimension.

Wildside - Shot, Orange Cream Max CBC 1:1

Wildside – Shot

Take a chill pill…errrrrr chill shot, actually. These handy dandy little 2oz bottles are easy to stash in a bag, are pretty potent, and fast acting. 

CBC: The Extrovert

Last but not least, meet cannabichromene (CBC), the peacemaker of cannabinoids. If CBG is the mother and CBN is the sleepyhead, CBC is the charismatic extrovert of cannabinoids—always mingling, shaking hands (or molecular bonds, in this case), and building connections.

Together, We’re Stronger

CBC loves to partner up with other cannabinoids and terpenes to bring out the best in them, also known as the “entourage effect.” It’s like that adventurous friend who can go anywhere and talk to anyone and by default influences others to do the same and live their best life. It’s the type of friend that makes you a better friend. And to boot, that friend just so happens to have anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties as well.

CBC Products

Mobius - Recovery CBD Patch

Mobius – Recovery Patch

Through metered transdermal absorption, these patches go on the inside of your wrist and help you recover from an epic night out or a wicked workout. 

Wyld - Blood Orange CBC 1:1 Gummies

Wyld – Gummies

These uplifting, Sativa-leaning gummies, create a more blissful experience than THC alone. With CBC and THC joining efforts you’ll experience a synergistic effect, useful for maintaining carefree, easy-going energy.

So, as the curtains close on our trifecta of cannabis wonders, let’s give a standing ovation to CBG, CBN, and CBC—the unsung heroes of the cannabinoid world. If you have any questions about these cannabinoids, or any of our products that contain them, please stop by our store and talk to any of our friendly Budtenders. 


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