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How AI Can Help The Cannabis Industry

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Are we living in an episode of Black Mirror? It’s entirely possible. The rate at which technology is evolving makes one wonder if we’ll all be living in a Jetsons world, driving flying cars, allowing computers to make decisions for us like what to eat or who to date, and accepting the dystopian future that is bound to happen sooner than we’re comfortable with.

But that’s a very pessimistic view. After all, technology has awarded us lifesaving advancements in the medical field, helped us escape our own realities with virtual ones, and given us an entire collection of Encyclopedia Britannica at our fingertips.

And not to mention how technology has helped–and continues to help–the cannabis industry. More specifically by embracing artificial intelligence (AI).

How AI Can Help The Cannabis Industry

More, More, More!

Robots helping to grow higher yields? Yup. AI and predictive technology can help cannabis cultivators grow better crops more efficiently and sustainably. But how? AI-powered sensors can monitor plant health and environmental conditions in real time and provide data-driven recommendations for fertilization, pest control, and irrigation. Thus resulting in higher yields and better results. Think of it like a Ring camera for weed that not only allows you to monitor your plant babies, but also tells you when they’re cranky and need feeding. 

We Like Big Data And We Cannot Lie

AI takes an insane amount of data from industry resources, parses and analyzes it, and spits out insights into what cultivators should focus on; like specific strains or new products. It may sound a tad Big Brother-esque, but we live in a very consumer data driven world where your purchases have massive impact and can inform what the next big cannabis product will be. 

Keeping it 100

We must profess our love for our small batch vendors who employ humans to process their buds. However, we must recognize that AI can help processors improve the quality and consistency of products and packaging by using powered cameras to inspect buds for defects, mold, and insects – something difficult for the human eye. 

Smooth Moves

When at Trove perusing our vast array of cannabis products you might not think about how that product got to us. But, it’s extremely important. With fuel costs in the that’s-my-entire-paycheck range, planning delivery routes is a vital task to any cannabis producer. With the use of AI, producers can optimize delivery routes to lessen fuel costs and impact on the environment, and meet important deadlines. This results in smoother operations and a reduction in overhead costs. 

The Weed YOU Want

There’s a cannabis product out there for most anyone (of legal age, of course). We employ knowledgeable Budtenders that can make recommendations based on what you like/dislike, what’s popular, what’s in your price range, etc. It’s one of the things we’re known for. “Best place for weed in Whatcom. Budtenders are super knowledgeable and friendly.” ~Google Review

However, if you’re adventuring outside of the beautiful Whatcom County, you may find a cannabis app useful. These apps use big data and AI technology to recommend products based on user reviews, feedback data, product databases, yield results, environmental impact, and purchase trends. While they don’t come with a smile like our Budtenders do, they’ll help out in a pinch and steer you in the right general direction.

Navigating the world of cannabis, from cultivation to consumption, is a wild ride right now. And with the introduction of AI, we’re all witnesses to a dynamic shift. What was once a plant cultivated in hidden corners and enjoyed in secrecy has now become an innovative industry – one that embraces and harnesses the latest technological advances. 

Until robots take over the world, AI doesn’t aim to replace the human touch – like the warm smile from our Budtenders or the care from our beloved small-batch vendors – but rather to augment and refine processes. 

As we ride this green wave forward, joints in hands and edibles in our pockets, we can only imagine the heights the cannabis industry will reach. We can’t wait to see what the next big thing is. 


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