Craft Cannabis: The Rise of Artisanal Weed

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October is a big month for local cannabis growers. Especially outdoor growers. With the change in weather and daylight, cannabis plants have gone through their vegetative and flowering stages–which are typically late spring to late summer–and are now ready to be harvested and sent to the happy masses.

Since we’re huge fans of supporting local, we like to keep our ears to the ground and remain up-to-date on what’s new in the world of local cannabis; how the harvests are looking, what’s new, and what wizardry is up next. You know, get the tea about the weed. 

So we’re here to spill the tea; we’ve noticed a big trend emerging. Which, may not be surprising to some users, but is at the very least exciting and innovative. Craft cannabis.

What is Craft Cannabis?

Craft cannabis refers to small-scale, artisanal cultivation of high-quality bud. Typically prioritizing quality, flavor, and potency over mass production, growers focus on attention to detail, perfecting specific strains, and often deploying a more hands-on, sustainable approach to growing. 

Think of it like Grandma’s vegetable garden. While she may not have a huge plot of land, she sure as heck makes good use out of every inch of what she does have. By tending to her small garden daily, feeding her plants after exclaiming “you’re too thin, you need to eat more”, meticulously watering at the right time of day, and loving them the only way a grandma can, Grandma’s yields are not only plentiful but insanely delicious. 

That is craft cannabis.

Key Distinctions

So what gives between craft cannabis and cannabis grown at larger scales? We’re so glad you asked, because there are definitely some major key differences.

  • Small-Scale Cultivation: “Go big or go home” is the anti-slogan for the craft cannabis industry. Craft cannabis farms are typically small in size but mighty in impact. 
  • Quality Over Quantity: By keeping operations and grows smaller, craft cannabers (a term we just made up) have more time to focus on each and every detail that goes into growing. This yields a superior product. Larger producers typically focus on volume and efficiency often losing sight of the quality of their end products. 
  • Unique Strains: One of the best things to come out of the craft cannabis industry is unique strains. Through selective breeding, phenotype hunting, stress testing, and collaboration with peers, growers are able to develop unique strains each with their own flavor profiles, terpene combinations, aromas, appearance, and effects. 
  • “Higher” Quality: Paying more attention to the finer details typically results in a higher quality product with better flavors, aroma, and potency. 
  • More Sustainable: Craft cannabis cultivation often aligns closely with sustainability principles compared to larger scale operations. By utilizing organic and/or more environmentally friendly farming practices like natural pest control, composting, and soil regeneration, the impact on the environment is less and the carbon footprint is way smaller. Might we suggest a slogan for all craft cannabis cultivators: “Weed is green, let’s keep it that way!”  

The Future

As the cannabis industry, as a whole, continues to evolve, the rise of craft cannabis is definitely worth watching. It represents a return to the plant’s roots (pun intended, of course), emphasizing quality, diversity, and good practices. We fully anticipate to see more specialized strains in the future and we can’t wait to stock them on our shelves.

“We NEVER use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or fungicides. Just good vibes, great intentions and wonderful weed!”

Eagle Trees

Get You Some

If you’re interested in trying some crafty weed, come visit us in-store and talk to our friendly, knowledgeable Budtenders who can recommend products based on what you’re looking for. If you prefer to browse online before making the trek we recommend checking out a local favorite; Eagle Trees. Through regenerative farming, Eagle Trees minimizes environmental impact while producing high-quality craft cannabis. Here are a few of our favorite Eagle Trees products:

Eagle Trees – Strawberry Wizard Cake Pre-Roll 

If you’re craving a fun and stoney high, look no further than this amazing pre-roll. You can blame its uniqueness on its up front gas/diesel smell that finishes with notes of strawberry. Take our word for it, it’s one to put on your “must try” list. 

Eagle Trees – Royal ACDC CBD 

Believe the hype. This powerhouse strain has won a variety of awards from the Craft Cannabis Cup and Sun Cup and it’s super obvious why. With about twice as much CBD as THC the high is grounding and comforting – both mentally and physically. 

Eagle Trees – Apricot Kush

The perfect flower for any concert goer, this flower has psychotropic effects that will raise you slowly then morph into an intense energetic high. 

Need more recommendations?

Come on in! Craft cannabis is one of our favorite topics and we’ll gladly guide you through the heaps of weed we carry. 


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