The 2023 Cannabis Gift Guide

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We’re knee deep in it, folks. The crazy busy–often intense–time of year; the freakin’ holiday season. There’s so much to do: decorating, list making, shopping, eating until your tummy hurts…and then eating some more. It’s overwhelming! If you’re like most, figuring out gifts for the adults in your life is the last thing you want to do while herding the rest of the cats in your life. Well friends, we’re going to make it easy on you this year.

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Here is our 2023 gift guide for the cannabis connoisseurs in your life.

Drink and Be Merry

Infused drinks are the perfect gift for anyone looking for an alternative to smoking or vaping cannabis. They’re discrete, convenient, and can have longer lasting effects over smoking or vaping. Bonus: They come in so many flavors, there’s a tasty elevated treat for everyone.


You’ll be dreaming of life on the beach, toes in the sand, and a gentle breeze in your hair with tropical flavors like:

  • Strawberry Citrus
  • Lemon Ginger
  • Lime Agave


There’s a reason Ray’s is so popular – their drinks are damn tasty, refreshing, and pack a fruity punch. Here are some of our favorite lemonade flavors:

  • Lil Ray’s Tiger Blood Shot
  • Huckleberry 
  • Lil Ray’s Citrus Kush Shot
  • Kiwi Strawberry

Sinners & Saints

We don’t care where you land on the Naughty or Nice list, everyone deserves a delicious boost this time of year. If you’re looking for a jolt into jollyhood, say no more and try:

  • Island Time Lemonade Energy Shot
  • Pomegranate Energy Shot

Find Comfort in the Chaos

As much as we hate that this sounds like an ad you’d see during the nightly news, the holidays can be insanely hectic. It’s so easy to get lost in the shuffle and mentally out-of-whack. Give the gift of the most relaxing “ahhhhh” you’ll ever hear with some of our favorite topical goodies.


Fairwinds knows how to help people feel good about whatever ails them without the psychoactive effects of consuming cannabis. 

  • Feminine Relief Suppositories
  • Rectify – GI Support Suppositories
  • O-Lube (Maybe save this gift for someone you know intimately well.)
  • Topical, Flow Cream


An infused at-home spa day? Yes please! These products from Six/Fifths will have anyone feeling luxurious and pampered.

  • Pumpkin Spice – Bath Soak
  • Unicorn Body Butter


For the closeted cannabis consumer, Mobius patches are amazing at delivering THC and CBD transdermally via an ultra discrete patch. Peel and stick your way into the abyss with these options:

  • Happy Patch
  • Dab THC Patch (the perfect companion for dabbers!)
  • Achy CBD Patch
  • Recovery CBD Patch

For The Cannasseur

You know exactly who we’re talking about; your friend that knows everything there is to know about weed and won’t shut up about it. Well, here are some gift ideas that’ll take their breath away and give you a moment of peace.


Have you ever seen someone’s face as they open a new rig? The giddy is real and palpable. Give the gift of giddy this year with these rigs.

  • Puffco – The New Peak Pro 
  • Puffco – The Proxy Desert (HAVE YOU SEEN THE DESIGN?!)
  • Pax – Pax3 Sand Vaporizer
  • Vuber – Pulse Vape

A Bouquet of Flowers

  • Any craft cannabis
  • Phat Panda – 28 pack Pre-Rolls
  • Clandestine Gardens – Any of their ounces
  • Skagit Organics – 7 pack Distillate
  • Walden – Joint Jars

Wax On & Hash It Out

Concentrates are the perfect example of rising stardom. What was once an unknown delivery method is now center stage in the torchlight. If you’ve got a dabber on your list this year, here are some concentrates to focus on. (See what we did there?)


“Pure. Potent. Perfected.” With a tagline like that, it’s got to be dank.

  • Dutch Delight Live Resin Cake Icing
  • Beach Babe x Golden Pineapple LR Opal Sugar
  • Wine & Dine LR Cake Icing
  • Strawberries & Cream LR Gems n’ Juice

Bodhi High

Bodhi High’s entire mission statement revolves around being community-oriented and dedicated to the creation of exceptional products. What’s not to love? 

  • Banana Mint Cream LR Slushee
  • Locktite LR Terp Crystal
  • Hobbit Fart LR Terp Crystal
  • XCali Burger LR Terp Crystal

Soulshine Cannabis

The perfect companion for your flower loving friends, Soulshine Cannabis has a way with hash and kief that sends you to the outer realm. 

  • Himalayan Blackberry Kief
  • Narnia Bubble Hash
  • London Pound Cake Kief
  • Lodi Dodi Bubble Hash

It’s The Little Things

If you’re looking for those itty bitty things to fill stockings or a bunch of things that look like one big gift when compiled, say no more and shop for these small but useful items.

Individual Edibles

  • Ceres Garden Malt Balls
  • Verdelux Lumen Hard Candy, Lush Jellies, Bon Bombs
  • Craft Elixirs Potato Chips
  • Seattle Baked Co. Cookies
  • Phat Panda Candies

Everyday Tools

  • A Trove Lighter
  • CCell M3 Stick Batteries
  • Pax Screens
  • Airo Batteries
  • Puffco Bowls

Shake Your Groove Thang

  • Treehawk Farms Trim
  • Sunshine Co-Op Shake
  • Walden Trim
  • Viking Cannabis Shake

As of the publishing date of this blog post, we have everything listed above in-stock and ready for their forever homes. If you’re the type that likes to browse, we encourage you to come in and see what looks good. Our Budtenders are ready for all your questions and to give their recommendations for those on your gift list.

From all of us at Trove, we hope you have an amazing, relaxing, and elevated holiday season. As a reminder; when consuming cannabis, always make sure you’re doing so responsibly and keep your goodies out of the hands of children. 


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