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Trove’s 2023 Year in Review

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As the sun sets on another remarkable year at Trove, we find ourselves getting all verklempt thinking about the journey to get here. There’s been highs (what’s a cannabis dispensary without highs?!) and some lows, but overall what a great year it’s been! But, this journey is not just ours. It’s a shared experience with our dedicated staff, our passionate vendors, our supportive community, and, most importantly, you – our valued customers.

From expanding our product offerings to engaging more deeply with our customers and community, 2023 has been a testament to the resilience and general badassery of the cannabis industry. As we take you through this year-in-review, we invite you to spark one up and join us as we share some highlights and moments that have defined Trove’s 2023.

We Introduced Dope Deals

This year we introduced Dope Deals which is an in-store 30% off discount on a variety of select products. The products are changing all the time and customers can get some really amazing deals just by asking our Budtender’s if we have any Dope Deals. We’ve received really positive feedback about our Dope Deals and are happy to continue them into 2024.

Celebrating Our Team

As many of you may know, the cannabis industry as a whole has a lot of Budtender turnover. We absolutely love our employees and try really hard to foster an environment that is rewarding, fun, and supportive. But don’t just take our word for it, the proof is in the [infused] pudding. One of our Budtender’s just celebrated their 3rd cannaversary with Trove while 4 others celebrated their 2nd! 

Furry Friends

What kind of pet-friendly establishment would we be if we didn’t mention all the lovely furry, scaly, and feathered creatures who have graced us with their presence? This year we were happy to welcome a bearded dragon, a cat in a special backpack, another cat on a leash, and MANY dogs. We can’t wait to meet the companions that 2024 has in store!

Top Products

If you’re a data scientist or love product info, you’ll get a kick out of this! The following are the top products of 2023, in a variety of categories, based on the total number of units sold. 

Thank You for Choosing Trove

As we get ready to welcome the new year, we’re reminded just how incredibly fortunate we are. If it wasn’t for our amazing and loyal customers, our hard-working and knowledgeable employees, our passionate and reliable vendors, and our amazing community, we wouldn’t be where we are today. To all who have supported us, those who will continue to support us, and to the community that welcomes us, thank you so very much and we hope you have an elevated 2024!


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