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Celebrate 420 in Bellingham

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Celebrating 420 in Bellingham: Concerts, Events, and Deals

420 is a day that we look forward to all year! It can sneak up quickly and we want to help you make the most of it. Below, you’ll find a list of events happening in and near Bellingham as well as deals to look for from us at Trove!

April 19th: Comedy Night at McKay’s Taphouse

“Comedy show and open-mic night at McKay’s Taphouse! Open-mic sign ups at 7pm, show start at 7:30pm. Pre-booked feature acts and headliner to end the show! Come out, hear jokes, tell jokes, eat food, and have some drinks! Hosted by Damon Lawton and Julian Thompson”
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April 19th: Shwayze Live in Bellingham at The Wild Buffalo

“Legendary hit maker Shwayze is making his rounds through the PNW and is bringing Wes Walker with him to Seattle! Don’t miss out on this super fun duo! With hits like “Buzzin” and “Corona and Lime”, Shwayze is sure to bring back the good memories! Jordan Belfort’s Wes Walker joins him with his quirky, fun and energetic self! Grab a friend, and a ticket, and come on out to see Shwayze and Wes Walker perform live!”
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April 20th: Bell Witch & Aerial Ruin: Stygian Bough at The Shakedown

From the Shakedown’s event page, “Genuine collaborations between two sets of artists are rare. For their new album, Stygian Bough Volume I, the members—Dylan Desmond (bass/vocals) and Jesse Shreibman (drums/vocals)—of doom duo Bell Witch didn’t just team up (again) with dark folk elegist Erik Moggridge (guitars/vocals) of Aerial Ruin, they fully integrated the two outfits. While Moggridge has been a part of Bell Witch’s sonic fingerprint on all their prior records, perhaps most notably for his vocals on their previous full-length, Mirror Reaper, he’s now part of the very fabric that makes up the five hauntingly beautiful, strikingly heavy songs that comprise Stygian Bough Volume I.”
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April 20th: Pabllo Vittar at Neptune in Seattle, WA

Phabullo Rodrigues da Silva, known professionally as Pabllo Vittar, is a Brazilian drag queen and singer-songwriter.
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April 20th: THE DIP With Guests KILTRO – Vancouver, B.C.

“On their Dualtone Records debut Sticking With It, Seattle-based seven-piece The Dip deliver the kind of unbridled rhythm-and-blues that hits on every emotional level. Inciting everything from raw catharsis to heavy-hearted reckoning to wildly exuberant joy, the self-produced album marks a major creative breakthrough for the band.”
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April 20th: Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

“Home to one of the most stunning vistas in the world, the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival features thousands of acres of brilliantly colorful tulip fields set among the rolling hills of the Pacific Northwest. This unique, eight-hour day tour gives you the chance to get up-close and personal with these beautiful flowers, plus explore the nearby town of La Conner, a quaint village that mixes small-town charm and outdoor beauty. This tour, which includes admission into Tulip Town and Roozengaarde Gardens, picks you up at the Museum of Pop Culture to begin a comfortable drive north to the floral wonderland.”
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April 20th: Deals you’re actually going to love

Trove’s ganja fairies are in their workshop cultivating some dank 420 deals. Stay tuned for updates!
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