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Our Top 5 Favorite Cannabis Podcasts

By trovecannabis | | Cannabis News, Education

Cannabis podcasts are one of the best things to happen to this industry. They create community, build awareness, and further education. We are tuned in to so many, but these are our favorites.

The Roll-Up Podcast by Leafly

“On Leafly’s weekly news podcast, you’ll get caught up on headlines from the world of cannabis as Bruce Barcott, Alyssa Yeoman, and Hannah Staton discuss the week’s top stories. Come for the analysis and arguments, stay for the jokes and obscure cultural referenes. The sweet spot between scholarly and stoney.


The Cannabis Hangout

“Two girls, one bowl, and a podcast that’s breaking the stigma of Marijuana! Listen in while we speak with medical marijuana patients, growers, and industry leaders. We will be sharing personal stories, debunking marijuana myths, educating people, and spreading the love and benefits of a healing plant, through the Cannabis community! Come roll with us, while we break it all down.”


We the Growers

“A Growers podcast hosted by a panel of growers based out of Southern California. We bring you perspective, best practices and discuss the latest technology in the Cannabis Industry. Orur guests are knowledgeable sharing years of Cultivation experience throughout a multitude of trades within the Cannabis Industry.”


Cannabis School Podcast

“Cannabis School is a chilled out, entertaining and educational show, promoting responsible conversations about personal consumption. Led by your hosts Brandon Elder and Jesse Angeles. We go into the benefits of using cannabis in your life – be it medical or recreational use and how this plant has changed  many lives for the better.”


The Cannabis Connoisseur

“Ryan Chavez and Jack Stone, two cannabis enthusiasts, discuss the medical and other positive benefits of Cannabis! With the help of experts, articles and personal experiences. This podcast talks about how to use cannabis in a productive and safe manner. Simple, easy-going, informative, and fun conversations on how to most efficiently utilize cannabis to make your life better, no matter what that may mean…”





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