Celebrating the Hazy Holidaze Part 3

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Planning a not so normal Thanksgiving

What does Thanksgiving look like for you this year? For most of us, it’s just us, our partner, and our best furry friends.

We want to do what we do best and provide a weed schedule, if you will, to get you through the day and enjoy the best moments. We want to celebrate with you, so tag us on instagram using the hashtag #givethankswithtrove As always, please use responsibly.


Wake ‘n’ Bake

Don’t think of Wake ‘n’ Bake as putting you out for the rest of the day, it can be quite the opposite! Finding the right strain and right product is key. We are recommending Khush Kush – Sunny Daze RSO. Deep orange flavors that produce a sweet yet pungent scent. Like a fresh glass of orange juice, this hybrid may be great for starting your day.



Making time to get outside is always a good idea. Keeping in mind that you can’t enjoy cannabis in public areas, we recommend enjoying this strain safely before you go: San Juan Select – Lemon Haze x Headband. A potent hybrid, this lemony strain has very happy, euphoric results-great for combating stress and motivation.


Cooking Dinner

Cooking requires equal amounts of focus and enjoyment. That’s why we are recommending a 1:1 CBD ratio tincture from Green Revolution! And before you think we forgot about your furry friend, try Fairwinds – Tincture, Bacon Companion for your pets that need a little relief.


Post-Dinner, Pre-Home Alone

Before you start your traditional Home Alone Marathon, give yourself a little extra dose of relaxation with Mr. Moxey’s Cinnamon Relaxation Mints to help you pause and take it all in.



In Any Case…

Plans… what are those again? For whatever is on your agenda, we hope your festivities are accompanied by some weed.

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