Celebrating the Hazy Holidaze Part 4

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When was the last time you smoked outside the box?

There are a million and one ways (we counted) that the cannabis experience can be misunderstood.

One of the biggest reasons for that is many people are using the wrong method or strain. If you are gifting bud to a new user during the Holidaze, take it a step further than just gifting the green. Include your favorite method or explain why you enjoy that method with that strain. Instead of gifting just one strain, provide a small selection of different ways to consume! It’ll be fun and it will most likely provide a much better experience. We want to celebrate with you, so tag us on instagram using the hashtag #holidazewithtrove. As always, please use responsibly.



She’s beauty and she’s grace! Pipes can be small and portable or show pieces. These babies work by packing the pipe with your favorite flower, lighting it, and inhaling. Shop our HybridSativa, and Indica strains. Asking your budtender what they suggest is always a good option if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for!


Pre-rolls & Infused Pre-rolls

Pre-rolls are all of the fun with a lot less work! Brands will often feature their best strains as pre-rolls so you can expect that you are in for a treat. Infused pre-rolls are crafted with high THC cannabis concentrate. Typically C02, Shatter or Hash. When you are shopping at Trove for pre-rolls, you’ll find that they each have a detailed description listed next to them of the strain, THC percentage, and terpene profile.


Vape Pens & Inhalers

Vape Pens and inhalers are the perfect methods for discreet and full-flavored enjoyment. We have a lovely selection of concentrates to be used with your pen like Avitas Cake Batter or Eagle Trees Dutch Treat. Fairwinds Strain Specific Inhalers offer the same discreet experience with added bonuses like: ensuring the same dosage every time and preservation of flavor.


Edibles & Drinks

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a tasty beverage or snack infused with cannabis?? (Grinches that’s who) Our edible and drink selection offers a wide variety of CBD:THC ratios. A few that you definitely want to try: Blaze Sodas, Khush Kush Pot Tarts, and Mr. Moxey’s Giving Mints.


Tinctures & Topicals

Tinctures are another fun and simple way to enjoy cannabis! Add a drop to your morning coffee or directly in your mouth. Try Ceres Garden’s Tincture, Moon Cycle uniquely designed to support the female body. Topicals are known for their often calming, soothing, and healing effects. Try Eagle Tree’s Body Balm or Mobius’s Flyright Delta-8 wearable cannabis patch!


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