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How to Enjoy 4.20 During a Pandemic

By trovecannabis | | Cannabis News

As the legendary holiday in our community is right around the corner, we are very excited to share with you a handful of tips and thoughts to ensure that this year’s 4.20 can be just as great from the comfort of your own home. 

No need to get up from the couch, order online.

Stock up on all your 4.20 goodies by ordering online, and in return everything will be ready for enjoyment as soon as you pull up to Trove.

This process will ensure you don’t have to waste any time browsing the store or waiting around to place an order, go directly to the point of sale and pick up what you selected online.

Puff, puff, pass the virtual joint

Practice great hygiene during these times by setting up a virtual smoking circle.

There are many great tools out there to make this happen. Consider a simple solution like online meeting tools where friends can meet over video conferencing and partake in the festivities while continuing to practice safe social distancing. 

Take turns passing around the “virtual joint” without having to leave the house and still have the opportunity to engage with friends from afar. 

Stock up on brownie mix and bake some homemade goodies

Get high on your own supply… of delicious baked goods. 

While we find ourselves glued to our houses, it’s the perfect time to turn our cannabis surplus into scrumptious treats.

Try your hand at a number of options:

  • OG chocolate brownies
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Rice crispy treats.

Will chain text messages make a comeback?

Remember the days when 4.20 was more of a secretive observed holiday, where we kept everything a bit more hush-hush*? 

Yeah, we do too. 

Getting text messages from friends saying “PUFF PUFF PASS! This is a cellular blunt so don’t f*ck up the rotation, keep this sh*t movin’ til the whole world hits it!”

These kinds of messages remind us of the good ole times before Snapchat, or FaceTime became a thing.

Let’s bring back old school chain text messages for this 4.20 holiday!

Keep 4.20 low-key

Turn on a movie, play some games, and chill out.

Whether you are deciding to get high with your roommate(s) or cat, we’ve got some great movie and game recommendations that could add to your 4.20 vibes.

  1. Dazed and Confused set in late 70’s, a group of rowdy teenagers celebrate their last days of high school before graduating.
  2. Half Baked stoner classic starting the hilarious comedian Dave Chapelle.
  3. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle a couple of long time stoner friends decide the only way to cure their munchie desires is to find the nearest White Castle… that may not be as close as they think.
  4. Pineapple Express the Franco and Rogen duo team up in this action packed stoner movie that follows an unlikely series of events after witnessing a murder.

If movies aren’t your thing, consider playing board games, video games (Mario Kart or Smash Bros, or really any Nintendo 64 game), or perhaps trivia via virtual meeting with friends.

Whatever you’ve got planned for 4.20, we hope it involves staying home, being smart and observing the holiday safely!



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