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Grower to Stoner: Friends or Frenemies?

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The importance of good relationships in the cannabis industry

Let’s just get right into it — this industry can be pretty cut throat at times. There are so many restrictions that every point of the supply chain has to face on a daily basis that the investment into making good and long term relationships can often be put on the back burner. The reality is that we are nothing without our partnerships.

Because of that, we do our very best to make that a priority at Trove. Since opening our doors, our shelves have been graced with products that we are proud to bring you based off of a lot of time and hard work behind the scenes by many.

Did you know… In Washington state, it is actually illegal for a farm (producer) or processor to sell directly to consumers in a retail setting. This clear divide is why we appreciate our growers so much! They are committed to creating the best product possible, while we are able to focus on informing our customers and ensuring their happiness.

As customers, you play a crucial part in helping us communicate feedback to our farms on their product. Since growers aren’t on the front lines of every day consumers, we encourage you to engage with them. Letting them know what you like, or dislike, can help give them an idea of what consumers are looking for.

Learn more from our blog: From Seed to Weed.

This week’s Grower to Stoner challenge: Show some love to the industry! Follow, comment, and like your favorite growers, dispensaries, and vendors.



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