Cannabis and Camping

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There are two ways to get higher than the clouds: smoke heavy and go camping! With Memorial Day right around the corner, it’s time to start the summer kick off ritual. That means breaking out the tents, campfire supplies, and best of all, party favors. While you can’t just light up anywhere, there are always at least a choice of private campgrounds that are totally 420 friendly. We are absolutely stoked to get out there so we have come up with a list of our favorite ways to incorporate cannabis into outdoor experiences.

Smores with cannabisEdible S’mores

S’mores are a must have when it comes to hanging out around the campfire. Trove has a few options that can be incorporated into this yummy classic.  You can use Ceres Garden Super CBD Chocolate Bites to melt into your marshmallows and graham crackers, or you can really dress up your s’mores and use Honu Peanut Butter Cups which come in CBD, Sativa, or Indica.


Hot chocolate camping cannabis

Herb Infused Hot Chocolate

If the night is cold, get nice and cozy by the warm fire with a steaming mug of hot chocolate made with Craft Elixirs Dank Chocolate Syrup, Indica or Sativa. Just mix the infused syrup with hot milk and enjoy!


Verdelux Salvation

CBD Healing Salve

The savior of a camping weekend. Products like Verdelux Salvation and Eagle Trees Body Balm are a potent topical that can be used throughout the entire trip. Use it for ailments like bug bites and sore muscles from that long hike. CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and can be a great aid for healing sunburned skin. However, everyone’s skin is different and you should always do a small test patch before fully treating an area.


pre rolled marijuana joints

Conveniency Joints

Camping can be a lot of effort so to set yourself up for ultimate chill mode, choose a vessel for your bud that is quick and handy. Pre-rolls are easy to buy, easy to store, and easy to smoke. Trove has tons of choices when it comes to pre-rolls, but we’d recommend trying out a party pack of Fainting Goat’s Northern Berry, Cedar Creek’s Rude Boi OG, and Eagle Trees’ Candy Lavender.

Dabstract Vape Pen for Marijuana
Burn Ban Alternatives

When the dry season hits, there is a pretty good chance your camping weekend extravaganza could fall victim to the dreaded Burn Ban. It definitely puts a damper on things. Don’t let the burn ban, ban you from burning one. Make sure to take along one of our Dabstract disposable pens, or a refill cartridge if you already have one.

Sparkle Cannabis Infused Sparkling Water
Infuse Your Hydration

Summer camping can be dry and keeping up with your hydration is huge. Sparkle makes several flavors (including Lime or Seville Orange) of sparkling water that contains 10mg of THC in each bottle. These delicious drinks help you stay consistent on your hydration goals, while also providing you with a nice little dose.

Rays Infused Lemonade

Alcohol Alternatives

If you aren’t a big drinker, but you like having something to sip on while you hang out around the fire, Trove has an awesome selection of THC drinks. Ray’s has 9 flavors of bud coolers to check out or choose from one of the eye catching Mojo drinks. The label itself is a great conversation starter.

Head over to our menu to pick out your supplies for a killer weekend.



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