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Vendor Spotlight: Honu by Klaritie Farms Inc.

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Meet Klaritie Farms! Located in Longview, Washington, they started out as a humble Tier 2 facility and recently were able to upgrade their facility to a 7,200 sq. ft. building with an outdoor garden of 46,000 sq ft.!

Their Honu brand is a Trove favorite, with products ranging from cannabis infused bath bombs to ridiculously delicious chocolate edibles. It’s that special time of year when our partners are busy carefully crafting their holiday treats! Check it out.

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About the Farm

 “We have a passion to grow the best cannabis possible and with a combined 80 + years of growing experience, we here at Klaritie Farms believe the way to succeed in this businesses by focusing on Quality. We strive to grow the most Clean, Pure, and TOP SHELF Quality Every time!

We know what it takes to keep our customers happy; and that’s a truly amazing product. We use only the best veganic fertilizers ( Full Line of Canna Fertilizer ) and we try to use all natural pesticides , ensuring that the final product to the consumer is as Pure as it can be.

We have 7200 sq. ft. of indoor grow and an outdoor garden of 41,100 sq. ft.

At Klaritie Farms Grow , we are 6 friends and family working together to be the Best . We care about QUALITY. Your Premium Flower is always HAND TRIMMED and HUNG for 7 to 10 days to DRY in an climate controlled room before it final trim here at Klaritie Farms.”

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Photos courtesy of Klaritie Farms, Inc.


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