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Store Updates and 2021 in Review

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A year that brought us much needed cheer!

The Holiday season can be a complicated one. But if there’s one thing we all can agree on, it’s that weed helps make the complicated a little less complicated. We wanted to share with you some Merry + Bright updates from our year together!

Trove Cannabis Store UpdatesSTORE UPDATES

We love our new edibles section! It really highlights our amazing selection and gives customers the opportunity to see products up close. It feels like you’re shopping in regular store and helps us get one step closer to normalizing the shopping experience for our customers.

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Trove Cannabis Store Manager Sara


Q: Tell us a little about yourself!

“I was born and raised here in Bellingham and lived here most of my life. I’ve got 15 years customer service and retail experience. Previously, I worked at a women’s clothing store at Bellis Fair and before that I managed a jewelry kiosk.”

Q: What do you love about Trove?

“I love the selection of super local products we carry, that we’re involved in the one tree planted campaign and our rain garden downtown!”

Q: What is your current favorite Trove vendor?

“Currently my favorite vendor is Constellation! Women owned, family run, and just down the road in Arlington. Not to mention the extra care they put into hand rolling their joints!  I’ve never had a bad anything from them.”

Q: What is your current favorite Trove product?

“Favorite products are a 3 way tie between the Constellation infused joints (any strain), the Lil’ Rays Kiwi shot, and the Honu Gimme S’mores.”

Q: What is your favorite stoner activity?

“My favorite stoner activities include for a walk in the neighborhood when the weather is nice, making blankets for my family members, and playing video games.”

New Marijuana at Trove Cannabis NEW BRANDS

Skagit Organics

We love that they are very committed to being pesticide free and we consider them local since they are from Skagit!

Constellation Cannabis

We love that they are a lady owned and family operated business based out of Arlington!

Sacred Herb Farms

We love that they are a family owned and operated business.

Heavenly Buds

We love that they are a pesticide free grow that follows Clean Green practices!


We love their quality and super fun strain combos!

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After 7 years of legal retail cannabis in Washington there are literally people who have grown up in this industry; this includes people starting families. We were overwhelmed by the amount of well-wishers when our colleague had a baby this year. There are so many parents in this industry and there has been a lot more recent talk about supporting cannabis families. The LCB recently allowed supplier licensees to have their children on site to accommodate for Covid challenges. We’re hoping to see more support and acknowledgment of cannabis families in the future.



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