How To Stay Cool This Summer While Getting High

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Living in the Pacific Northwest certainly has its perks. The beauty is astounding, the people are incredible, and the summer months are *chef’s kiss*. While you’re outside soaking up some much needed free vitamin D this summer, cool down with some much needed vitamin weed.

Here are our top products to keep you cool this summer.

Mojo Cherry Lime SodaMojo – Cherry Lime Soda (100mg)

With 100mg of THC, this tart and super flavorful soda packs a punch while cooling your core down. If you’re new to drinks, try 10mg at a time. If you’re an OG partaker, drink at your desired speed and enjoy the journey.

Hot tip: Add to a blender full of ice, whizz that shiz, pour into your favorite cool beverage mug, add swirly straw, and be the envy of all with your space slushie. 


Airo Atisan Bahama Breeze

Airo – Artisan, Bahama Breeze Cartridge (1g)

We get it, occasionally you want that high to hit you immediately. In those cases, smoking flower or vaping are your best options. But sometimes firing up a bowl in 90 degree weather sounds as appealing as wearing your wool long underwear to the beach. Enter in Airo’s Artisan, Bahama Breeze Cartridge. With the smell and flavor of a tropical breeze, you’ll be high and dreaming of your next sandy adventure in no time, without overheating.


Lil Ray's Strawberry Lemonade Shot

Lil Ray’s – Strawberry Lemonade CBD 1:1 Shot (100mg)

Shots! Shots! Shots! Don’t let its size fool you into thinking this drink is anything but mighty. Lil Ray’s Strawberry Lemonade shot has never skipped leg day, is always working on its core, and screams “parkour!” every time you open it. Okay, obviously we are embellishing but in all seriousness this 1.75oz shot has some oomph to it. With a harmonious 1:1 mix of THC and CBD, you’ll get the high you desire with the added benefits of CBD. Packed in a convenient travel sized bottle, this shot is ready to be shoved into a pocket or backpack headed to the bay.


Wildflower - CBD Cool Stick MiniWildflower – CBD Cool Stick Mini (100mg)

If you’re not after a body or mind high but are looking for relief from what ails you, we’ve got you. Try Wildflower’s CBD Cool Stick; an all natural anti-inflammatory body stick made with cooling essential oils and CO2 extract.

Hot tip: Crawl into a shaded hammock, rub the cool stick on your achy parts, and take the best nap of your life. We can hear the melodic snoring from here.


Ceres Garden - Capsules, Sativa Lifted

Ceres Garden – Capsules, Sativa Lifted (100mg)

The ultimate in discretion, Ceres Garden capsules are ideal for those times outside when you can’t be overt about your cannabis usage. (Ugh, we hate those moments too.) These sativa capsules are engineered to provide maximum energy and focus and contain 10mg of THC in each capsule. You’ll become an incognito weed warrior just in time for that festival, Tupperware party, midnight outdoor movie, or whatever extravaganza you’re headed to.


Craft Elixirs - Loris Potato Chips, Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper

Craft Elixirs – Loris Potato Chips, Variety of Flavors (10mg)

Summertime = BBQ and potluck season. Instead of volunteering to slave over a hot AF BBQ, offer to bring the best side-dish of Craft Elixirs – Loris Potato Chips. In flavors like garlic and sea salt & cracked pepper, there’s something for every palate of legal age. With 10mg of THC in each bag, you’ll be high, full of deliciousness, and ready to laugh every time someone mentions the word “cornhole”.

There’s no reason to sweat your bits off while enjoying cannabis this summer season. Keep cool, stay hydrated, and use responsibly!


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