Tropical Products On Sale This Friday

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Here is a brief list of tropical products on sale this Friday July 22, 2022. For the complete list, don’t forget to visit us in store.


  • Doctor & Crook – Fetti Trop Cartridge (1g)
  • Hellavated – Profilez, Tropicalz All-In-One (.5g)
  • Hellavated – Profilez, Tropicalz Cartridge (1g)
  • Phat Panda – Panda Pen, Tropical Trainwreck Cartridge (1g)
  • Phat Panda – Sticky Frog, Tropical Trainwreck Disposable Pen (1g)



  • Khush Kush – Tropic Thunder Sugar Wax (1g)



  • Lil Ray’s – Tropical Kush Lemonade Shot (100mg) Liquid
  • Ray’s – Tropical Kush Lemonade (100mg) Edible Liquid
  • Fairwinds – Tropical Hawaiian Drink Mix (10mg) Solid
  • Journeyman – Tropical CBD Jellies 50:1 10pk (510mg) Solid
  • Journeyman – Tropical Jellies 1:1 10pk (200mg) Solid
  • Smokiez Edibles – Tropical Sour Fruit Chews 10pk (100mg) Solid
  • Verdelux – LUSH, Hawaiian Mix (100mg) Solid
  • Verdelux – LUSH, Hawaiian Mix Singles (10mg) Solid



  • Khush Kush – Tropicanna Banana (3.5g)
  • Lazy Bee – Troplato (3.5g)
  • Phat Panda – Platinum, Tropicanna Cookies (3.5g)
  • Walden Reserve – Hawaiian Haze CBD (3.5g)
  • Walden Reserve – Tropicanna Haze (3.5g)
  • Walden Reserve – Tropicanna Haze (7g)



  • Juicy Joints – Tropical Punch Infused Pre-Roll (.8g) Infused Pre-Roll
  • Bag O’ Weed – Hawaiian Dutch Pre-Roll 4pk (2g)
  • Boggy Boon – Trop Juice Pre-Roll 10pk (5g)
  • Fainting Goat – Trop Juice Pre-Roll 2pk (1g)
  • Lazy Bee – Troplato Pre-Roll 2pk (1.2g)
  • M. Jane – Hawaiian Dutch Pre-Roll 4pk (2g)
  • Viking Cannabis – Tropicanna Haze Pre-Roll (1g)




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