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How To Store Weed

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Where To Store Your Weed For Optimal Freshness And How Long To Keep It Around

It takes time to find the perfect strain and a grower that values what you value. The last thing we want is for all that time to go to waste by not storing your weed properly! Here are our top three areas to focus on when finding the best storage.


Keeping your bud stored in cooler temperatures (lower than 70 degrees Fahrenheit) will prolong its life. The warmer the air the more chance moisture has to get trapped and create mildew and mold. Experts say 50-60% humidity is recommended.


Weed Storage LightLight

Shielding your bud from direct sunlight will help greatly in controlling the temperature. A study conducted in the 70’s found that light was one of the biggest factors in the deterioration of cannabis.


Weed and AirAir

Finding the sweet spot of not too much air and not too little air can be tricky. Keep an eye on your storage container and make adjustments. If you are seeing moisture build up – you’ll need more air. If your bud is becoming varied in consistency, you may want to adjust for less airflow.

This week’s Back to the Basics challenge: Revisit your current cannabis storage and see if there is room for improvement! Check out this article from Leafly for storage container options.



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