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5 Back To School Products (with Student Discounts!)

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As the seasons change, so do our dank needs.

As summer comes to a close, a new school year is just around the corner and we just want to say to those who are about to study, we salute you. At Trove Cannabis, we love our student customers, so much so we offer a discount when a valid student ID is presented at checkout. Whether you’re in college, trade school, beauty school, or a community member attending classes for fun as long as you have a student ID and are 21 or older, we’ve got the hook up for you! No matter your major or extracurriculars, we’ve got the herbs, concentrates, and edibles to take you to the next level.

Every student has unique needs and each strain of Mary Jane has unique effects depending on the form in which it’s consumed. Some students love the way she helps them focus and get their homework done. Others love to spend some time with her at the end of the long day, relaxing and unwinding in a perfect haze.

Whatever the reason may be, we’ve got something on our shelves to help you accomplish your goals.

Relax and Take Notes, While You Take Tokes of the Cannabis Smoke

When used responsibly, cannabis is a miraculous little plant.

Understanding the difference between cannabis Sativa, Indica, and their hybrid forms is the best place to start when choosing your bud. If you’re looking to smoke and get some work done, Sativa will be your go-to. But if you have a date with your TV, Indica will put you in-da-couch. And if you want to get technical, do some research about different terpenes effects and consider experimenting with THC and CBD ratios to increase relaxation.

Weed produces a biphasic effect, meaning it creates opposite experiences at low and high doses. Low doses of THC can be energizing and studies have shown it can be helpful for those with ADHD. Higher doses are considered more sedating and can be helpful in coping with anxiety and depression.

Products to Improve Focus while Studying

When you want to use cannabis for focus, the golden rule is “less is more”.

You can always take another hit, but you can never take a hit back. Due to the biphasic effect, smoking too much could ruin a study session, whereas finding the perfect amount can provide some much needed focus. Every person has a different reaction to cannabis, so do a little experimenting to determine what’s best for you. After all, that’s what college is for, isn’t it?

With that in mind, check out Peak Supply’s Wedding Cake concentrate cartridge. Peak Supply Wedding Cake Cartridge

The beauty of cartridges is the ability to control the amount you smoke, making them an excellent option for finding that sweet study spot. Wedding Cake is an Indica hybrid providing a calm mind and sedating body high. Peak Supply also has a great selection of Sativa’s considered perfect for studying, including Durban Poison and Lemon Diesel.

Joints are another great way to smoke when you need to watch your intake. So for the joint-smoking folks, we’ve got something special. Alis’s Gelato pre-rolls are the perfect choice for getting things done with a smile on your face.

Products to Destress and Relax

We all know one of the best feelings in the world is getting home after a long day, making (or ordering) yourself some delicious food, and allowing Mary Jane to ease that troubled mind.

Joint-smoking folks, don’t sleep on Stone Age’s infused pre-rolls. If you’ve never tried an infused pre-roll, it’s like a doob bitten by a radioactive spider that now fights crime. Stone Age’s addition to the superpowered-joint squad is called Gorden Gramsey, and from what we understand even the man himself wouldn’t be able to find a bloody thing wrong with it.

Major Pink Lemonade Cannabis DrinkIf edibles are more your jam, you might want to set yourself up for a wave of tranquility by drinking Major’s Pink Lemonade Cannabis Drink. Edibles take relaxation to the next level and Major’s delicious flavors will get you “major” high.

Once the weekend rolls around, check out Boggy Boon’s Lemonade Hash Joints, the perfect choice for a weekend wake and bake, whether it’s a busy day or a lazy day.


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