What To Look For When Buying Weed

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A guide on what to look for when buying the best bud

In a sea of green, how do you spot the quality bud? We want you to feel confident when you walk into Trove or any dispensary and be able to identify good quality weed. Check out these quick but very important tips to keep in mind for quality weed purchasing!

Tips For Buying Weed


  • Freshness: Quality weed should be enjoyed within six months to a year of when it was harvested.
  • Transparency: The more details available the fewer secrets!
  • Consistency: Quality weed should be consistent in its flavor, shelf life, and appearance.


You can be sure that all of our products are rigorously vetted for quality. But, what happens when you visit a new dispensary that you aren’t quite as familiar with? Try and locate brands/growers that you know and trust and go from there. If you don’t have a brand or grower that you are familiar with, do your best to do a little research ahead of time and don’t be afraid to ask your budtender the hard questions!


What do you value most? Is it THC content? Is it good branding? The most expensive weed isn’t always the best fit. We encourage our community to find their sweet spot between how much they are willing to invest and what kind of experience they are looking for.


Let’s say you decide to spend more on a gram than you ever have before only to get home, toke up, and be disappointed! Even the highest quality bud and most experienced budtenders can’t read minds. Try to pinpoint the experience that you are looking for and do your best to communicate that to your budtender. They will be able to point you in the right direction, and share with you their best recommendations.

This week’s Back to the Basics challenge: Moral of the story – always be trying new things and asking all the questions! They say there isn’t such a thing as a dumb question and we would absolutely agree. No judgement – only good vibes!

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