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How Ladybugs Saved The Day For Eagle Trees Farm

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 A Croptober Update From Eagle Trees Farm

Over the last several weeks we got all 4 greenhouses harvested and hung. We are so happy with the flowers, our best work yet! Last week we started taking down the branches that were ready and began sorting them. We only hand trim the best of the flowers and buck and wholesale the rest. Generally we use the smaller buds we generate through hand trimming and sorting for creating our joint lots. The bucked material becomes our high quality RSO and wholesale material.

Eagle Trees Farm Cannabis Grower

Now that the greenhouses are harvested and hung we are looking out to the full season plants and we really like what we see! The plants are healthy, big and beautiful. So far, it appears that all the specifically timed work we did for the full season plants is really paying off. We made sure to get drip tape on the plants the very day they were planted, we didn’t wait too long to get a cage on them and the extra nice home-made, nutritious mulch is just what they seem to love.

We flattened our main outdoor area from the tall hugelculture beds to more flat and dense planting. The soil benefited from the hugelculture beds but the voles loved them! The flatter and denser planting seems to be better for water retention and root cooperation.  The plants are very happy

Unfortunately things don’t always go our way and every year we have to contend with unfortunate farming issues. This year, the last greenhouse we harvested had some aphids. Most of the plants were fine but some were over run with aphids. Although the aphids didn’t appear to damage the leaves or flowers, we won’t use those in our operations (we’ll wholesale that material).
Eagle Trees Farm Cannabis Grower
We were so sad when we were harvesting those plants but the silver lining was all the lady bugs in their different stages of development. We felt like lady bug scientists with the amount of eggs, larva and pupa we saw at every possible stage. Now, there are lady bugs everywhere!

I think that little corner of the greenhouse was actually a lady bug nursery. It will be worth the trouble if all these lady bugs protect our full season crop  Yesterday, the crew saw lady bugs mating everywhere, sometimes 4 or 5 actively mating pairs on a single plant!Eagle Trees Farm Cannabis Grower

We love our land, our crew and our family. We feel so fortunate to work together to create pure, healthful cannabis with an extremely small footprint. Through Regenerative Farming techniques we foster fertility in the land in order to grow the best cannabis with pure water, sunshine and love. We believe that cannabis grown by and with nature is inherently better than cannabis grown with lights, pesticides and salt fertilizer. At Eagle Trees we make our own organic compost and tend to the soil health using probiotic inputs and a wide array of companion plants. 

We are Dragonfly Earth Medicine Certified and make decisions based on how they influence the health and wellness of our land, our employees, our customers and the greater community. The idea is to create super healthy land and ecosystems– from the microbes in the soil to the bud on the shelf! We NEVER use chemical fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides. Just good vibes, great intentions and wonderful weed!

Thanks so much for your continued support of Eagle Trees!  We couldn’t do it without you!

With Love,
Jesse & Kenny and our amazing crew!

All photos provided by Eagle Trees Farm


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