Tricked Out Treats For Halloween

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The house is decorated; jack-o-lanterns carved with care, fake spider webs dress the walls, that clown mask you’ve had since the 8th grade sits like a gargoyle on top of the doorway terrifying all those that enter, and you’ve got a scarecrow donning the latest fashion from the thrift store greeting your guests.

You’ve thought of just about everything food-wise; peeled grapes to mimic eyeballs, hot dogs wrapped in dough giving off big mummy energy, cupcakes with fake blood dripping down the sides, and dry ice creating a spooky vibe.

This is a near-perfect Halloween party.

After what feels like a lifetime of quarantining, isolating, and Zooming we’re ready to skip the “trick” part and just go for the treats. We deserve it. We’re here for it. And we’ve got you covered.

Here are Trove’s best treats for your Halloweed party.

Avitas Frankenstein Marijuana Cartridge
Avitas – Frankenstein Live Resin Cartridge (1g)

For those looking for a chill evening filled with euphoria, the munchies, and a “monsterous” soothing calmness, try a puff or two off of Avitas’ Frankenstein Live Resin Cartridge.

Boggy Boon Frankenstein Pre-roll

Boggy Boon – Frankenstein Pre-Roll (1g)

Who doesn’t love the convenience of a pre-roll? Especially one that packs a punch. Frankenstein is an 80% indica strain whose kick-ass, monster loving parents are unknown but is thought to be a descendant of OG “Old Ghoul” Kush. Its potency is a talking point among patients and veteran consumers.

Stone Age Pre roll Joints

Stone Age – Infused Pre-Rolls in several Halloween inspired strains

From the peeps that introduced us to strains like “Frodo Dimebaggings”, “Gordon Gramsay”, and “Seth Rogen’s Laugh” comes Halloween inspired strains in pre-roll form. Say hello to:

  • Spliff or Treat
  • Edward Splifferhands
  • Hashper the Friendly Dro

Of course, we can’t forget about all of the amazing edibles to nosh on in between bobbing for apples and pin the mullet on the 80s icon. Here are some of our favorite edibles to help you sink into your costume.

Verdelux – BonBombs (10mg or 100mg)

These chocolate truffles are mega tasty and pack a punch. Sold in singles or in packs of 10, BonBombs are the perfect treat for that slow creep.

Happy Apple – Apple Cider (100mg)

‘Tis the season for everything apple or pumpkin flavored. This drink is not only super delish, it’s versatile too. Drink as-is or impress your taste buds and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream for the best ice cream float that makes you float.

Craft Elixirs – Chips (10mg)

You need these in your life. Trust us. With flavors like roasted garlic, sea salt & cracked pepper, and sweet potato, there’s a chip for everyone. Pro tip: put chips inside a sandwich or wrap. It adds the perfect amount of crunch and flavor while making you say “where the hell has this been my whole life?”

Whether you’re hosting a safe Halloween party this year or riding solo, Trove Cannabis has the best selection of tricked out treats to help you celebrate. But make sure when bringing cannabis products to a party, supplying treats for a shindig, or just stashing them in your house, always always always make sure to keep them out of view and reach for those under 21.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!





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