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If you’re anything like us, 420 is your favorite holiday. Sure, Christmas, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve are kickass, but if you’re into chronic then 420 is probably at the top of your list too. Let’s take a few moments to celebrate and delve deeper in our shared interest, shall we?

What is 420?

The origin of 420 (or 4:20 or 4/20) is somewhat unknown. Popular folklore subscribes to the notion that in 1971 several high school students in California nicknamed “The Waldos” would meet up at 4:20 pm everyday, lean up against a wall, and partake in the devil’s lettuce. From there it grew in popularity and 420 was adopted as the time to smoke out. As with anything of legendary status, there are several other grandiose origin stories like “420” was police code for marijuana and there are 420 molecules that make up a bud. Whatever you believe, 420 is now synonymous with the celebration of weed – whether it’s 4:20 in the afternoon or a whole glorious day devoted to our favorite plant. 

So how did we get here?

Cannabis has been used for various purposes throughout human history, from medicine to spiritual rituals. But there are some heavy hitters in the game who played a significant role in bringing cannabis to the forefront of modern society. Let us introduce you to some really phenomenal human beings who paved the way for our beloved Cannabaceae.

Weed Legends

Jack Herer – The Emperor of Hemp

Jack Herer was a cannabis activist, author, and cultivator who fought tirelessly for the legalization. Known as the “Emperor of Hemp” for his efforts to promote the use of hemp as an alternative to non-renewable resources, his book, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes,” is an OG classic in the industry and helped to bring awareness to the many radical benefits of cannabis.

Rick Simpson – The Man Behind “Rick Simpson Oil”

Much love to our neighbor to the north. Rick Simpson is a Canadian activist who developed “Rick Simpson Oil” (RSO), a highly concentrated cannabis oil used for medicinal purposes. Although not yet scientifically proven, Simpson claims that RSO can cure cancer and other diseases. We love that notion and can’t wait for the day where he stands tall and says “I told you so!” with the receipts to prove it. 

Frenchy Cannoli – The Hashish Master

Frenchy Cannoli was a French-born hashishin (fancy term for hashish maker) who dedicated his life to preserving traditional methods of hashish making. He was considered an expert in the field and traveled the world to share his powerful knowledge and skills. Cannoli was a strong advocate for the medicinal benefits of cannabis and helped to develop unique products like “solventless hash” that were safe and pure.

Raphael Mechoulam – The Godfather of Cannabis Research

Our hearts are broken to share that Raphael Mechoulam recently passed away in March of 2023. But his legacy lives on through his important work. Mechoulam was an Israeli organic chemist and professor who was appropriately known as the “Godfather of Cannabis Research.” His resume included discovering the THC molecule in cannabis in 1964 and has conducted extensive research on the medicinal properties of cannabis. Mechoulam’s work has paved the way for further research on the therapeutic uses of cannabis.

These four incredible leaders of the cannabis industry played a significant role in advancing the cannabis industry and raising awareness of the many benefits. Their contributions have helped to change the optics of cannabis and bring it into the mainstream as a legitimate medicine and valuable resource. As the industry continues to grow, it is important to remember and honor the innovators who made it possible. 

So on 420, light a doob, blast a dab, or eat an infused cookie all in honor of the people who made it possible. And don’t forget to stop by Trove where we’ll be celebrating all day with sick deals on all your favorite cannabis products.


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