How to Choose a Cannabis Dispensary

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In the 90s if you asked a Gen Xer if they thought cannabis would be decriminalized, sold in stores, and abundant in their lifetime they’d scoff at you thinking you were mental. Well, we live in the future. A future where you can peruse for weed online or in stores, wade through hundreds of strains of grass, and choose a variety of consumption methods. Isn’t the future chill and beautiful?

With the ever increasing demand for the devil’s lettuce at an all time high, dispensaries are as popular now as flannel shirts were in the 90s. (That’s mega, trust us.) As a dispensary, we’re well aware that you have the ability to spend your dollars at any of our competitors and we can’t thank you enough for choosing Trove Cannabis. We feel the love, Bellingham. We really do.

As of the posting of this blog, 21 states have decriminalized cannabis. (Come on Hawaii, we’re rooting for you to make it an even 22!) With so many states riding the reefer train, going on vacation no longer means you have to go on a tolerance break. It means you get the distinct pleasure of checking out other dispensaries in states you’re traveling to. Here are our top tips for choosing a cannabis dispensary.


Trust that fellow stoners won’t lead you astray and look up reviews for dispensaries in the town you are in. Read through several reviews and see if there are certain attributes that are repeatedly mentioned, like selection of products, prices, customer service, etc. If a dispensary is awesome, it’ll be obvious in the reviews. Conversely, if they suck, you’ll definitely know it.

​​”Trove is one of our finest local businesses. Excellence in products and service is a given. And they are a community-centric, sustainability-oriented establishment. Genuinely nice folks who give back to the community. Highly recommended!” ~John

Quality of Products

Unless you’re okay with dirt weed that is mostly stems, you want a dispensary that has a wide variety of products from vendors who focus on quality. There’s nothing worse than opening an eighth and seeing moldy buds that turn to dust when you touch them. Instead, you want a dispensary that works with vendors who take pride in their supply to ensure you’re getting the best product available.

“Extremely friendly, helpful and kind service every single time I come in. Really great variety of product available as well as paraphernalia.” ~Shemaia

Knowledgeable Budtenders 

The ultimate test of any dispensary; how knowledgeable are their budtenders? If you tell a budtender what you regularly consume that floats your noggin and they aren’t able to give you a recommendation, politely walk out. You’re going to get stuck buying something they’re trying to get rid of or something at a high price point. You should feel safe asking budtenders questions about products and uses. If you’re new to the game, say so. Any budtender worth their salt will make you feel comfortable and welcome any and all questions.

“I absolutely love Trove and all their budtenders. I don’t and won’t shop anywhere else. Best prices and the buds are so knowledgeable. They greet me like I’m family. They will take as much time as you need. I can’t say enough. ❤❤❤ you all and thank you all for making me feel like I matter. You guys rock, pat each other on the back. Till next time.” ~Leeanne

Customer Service

If you’ve ever been to a dispensary outside of Washington, you know they may do things a little differently. It’s so awkward walking into a new place where you don’t know what’s expected of you–and worse–no one acknowledges your existence. You want to shop in a store where you’re greeted warmly, the environment is welcoming, and you’re treated with respect. If you walk in and immediately feel like something is off, that’s not the dispensary for you. 

“I’ve been shopping with Trove for the five years I’ve been in WA. The staff is always polite and extremely helpful. The store is always clean and classy looking. The quality of weed I’ve bought is typically pretty good. I love the Sleep Tinctures and the Moon Cycle Balm. I’ve never had a poor experience going there. Would HIGHLY recommend!!” ~Alicia


While it’s good practice to look at prices between competitors, beware of dispensaries offering large discounts. The deals might seem fantastic, but you’re likely compromising quality and–at the end of the day–you’re going to end up spending even more to get the high that you’re accustomed to. Instead, choose a dispensary that offers everyday low prices without smoke and mirrors and hypnotic marketing foolery. 

“Great products, great staff, beautiful store. Their prices are the best I’ve seen in town. Not to mention all the deals they offer daily, you save so much $$ them!” ~S


Your safety should be a dispensary’s top priority. Look for dispensaries that are well-lit, have secure entrances, and are clean. 

“I just want to state again, THIS is the best shop in Bellingham. I have PTSD and I am also a Breast Cancer survivor. The employees at Trove are all so nice. That is a big deal!” ~Christina 

Choosing the right dispensary for your needs might require some leg work, but in the end it’s all worth it. At Trove Cannabis, we work hard to create a welcoming, safe, and superior shopping experience. With everyday low prices, daily deals for everyone, the ability to shop online, and exceptional customer service we’re proud to be Bellingham’s best cannabis dispensary. 


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